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In this video lessthanthreee reviews the play of pokerstrategist LgwZ on a 9man turbo SNG. He will focus on adjusting to opponents without using statistics,


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by lessthanthreee!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • J4ckA33


    At min 25 the J2o Hand: I think you should be carefull with your read. there are regs who call tight. thighter than Nash in the SB. BBJohn is maybe one of them, don't know.

    I wouldn't start calling him looser than Nash in BvB situation until I'm sure that he pushes looser against me as well.

    I'm not sure which is the best approach to get this information. start to call looser until you see him pushing looser or call Nash and adjust your calling range by the time you see him pushing looser. I'd prefer the 2nd one.

    cheers J4ck
  • lessthanthreee


    @j4ckA33. yes correct, he may be shoving wider than nash into BB John, but shoving perfect nash into us. so we should start by calling nash and adjust if he shows up with trash. :) I agree.
  • Tim64


    excellent stuff, thanks.
  • santostr


    08:00 Too long explanation on why 3beting 10x is bad.
    In other spots you skip standart stuff nicely.

    The rest is great!
  • Arcanis23


    18:00 A7 16bb blindbattle.
    I dont get that limb/push is worse than raise/call. It may be true, that you are running against a wider range in r/c, than in l/pu, but you will always see a showdown. With l/pu you can often just win his raise
  • lessthanthreee


    @arcanis23. our A7o plays OK against his 3bet shove range but we are crushed by his r/c range. it always depends how wide he is going to raise our limp, if hes raising with ATC then its going to be much better to just limp/shove but that doesnt happen very often.
  • Gixeer75


    Nice explanation ... thx