Userreview with Boomer2k10: madorjan

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  • $0.50/$1
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Boomer continues his series, where he reviews the play of fellow pokerstrategists. In this episode hero is one of our Hungarian admins, madorjan, who plays .5/1 SH on roomPoker.


User Session Review Userreview with Boomer2k10

Comments (10)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new userreview video by Boomer!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Ratatuj


    gj, Madi!
  • madorjan


    Thanks for the review, Boomer, it was really really helpful!
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    12:00 absolutely great spot for cb Turn call River or valuebet the River if he checks again. He might plan to c/r the turn with initiative, he doesn't have many Outs against us with wose Ax which he often has and we don't have 2 valuebets of course.

    So in my opinion this is a very great spot for checking back the turn here with the intention to valuebet any blank River if he checks once more.

    nice vid again.
  • Heffron89


    I watch thees eventhought i dont like FL only because u got great voice (im not gay)
  • krason


    i lold #5 :D
  • nemiren


    heh, i also love that voice,sounds so british and clear ;)
  • ZergZoul


    yay, more user reviews of FL plz.
  • Boomer2k10


    Thanks for the great comments guys :)
  • coolbaasz


    Hello guys!

    Great video, i really liked it.

    22.00 K8s. What do you think about a check/raise flop? I think we have Equity edge against the Button range, he can calldown with an A high or low pocket pair and a checkbehind on turn would be afwul. On the other hand we can balance our semi-bluffs.

    24.00 86o. What do you tink about call flop raise turn insted of raise flop? I think on that flop we would call a lot of times with overcards and draws, so we could hide the strength of our hand till turn.

    Anyway WP madorjan and thank you for your voi... khmm, i mean your analysis, Boomer.