Strictly Six Max - Part 2

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55 - $109
  • Shorthanded
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faarcyde presents the second part of his 6max series. He will explain to you in details how to beat the shorthanded structure.


FullTilt series Session Review Strictly Six Max

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new SH video by faarcyde!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • shakin65


    5'45 Upper Left: not sure if I like the raise with KQs after 2 limpers. I wouldn't expect much FE and you create a big pot with a half-decent hand.

    Isn't a limp an alternative?
  • lessthanthreee


    "oh damn... oh thats sweet!" LOL
  • belgianbeer


    Hi 48:55 on table 3, why don't u reshove preflop ?
    The bubble factor is quiet high here, I think the ur FE is enough high to justify a 3bet allin. Don't u think ?
  • niker19


    like your vid and please more. but can you speak a bit slower :D sometimes hard to understand for germans :D
  • sosreuzer


    Liked the video!
    Would like to see a Part 3...

  • faarcyde


    @Shakin65: I think limp is an option but with a hand that flops as well as KQs I prefer the raise. It does put you in some sticky spots, however villains will generally be limp calling with a lot of dominated holdings (QJ/JT/T9/KJ/KT/K9, etc).

    @Belgianbeer: I am not in love with any option, flatting just seems the best worst option. I don't recall the game dynamics exactly but I think he was a bit of a spastic player so I can't be assured he will fold a hand like low pocket pairs or AK which he certainly should here. If it was a regular opponent I played with often I certainly would because I know he would be familiar with how severe the bubble factor is in this situation.

    @Niker19: Noted!
  • maniac



    cool video i like how you bring things together.
    Here some thoughts for your next ones if you want to.
    How about a vid with the comparison of FR and 6-max bubbels in icm and ingame terms. I interested to in raise/calling at bubbles and the risk aversion for the one who have to call. I think there certain spots who were quite different from fr to 6max.
    The other thing im interested in the hu things you mention. How do you abuse these guys and when you better don´t do it.

  • elfigus


    It's so sick to watch a video 6max 55$+ and seeing that where are just 1-2-3 reg with you ^^ In italy I have to play with an higher rake plus 3 reg minimum every tables ^^ God Bless America lol
  • Bulled


    thx for this, another 6max vid would be great.
  • Giulio9526


    #10 +1
    GReat video,hope to see the next part , GJ :D
  • Tim64


    Make a 3rd part!!!!!!!!
  • faarcyde


    @Tim64: I believe the third part is coming out this week.

    @Efligus: I am not saying God Bless America at this point :(
  • Kamikaze001


    hi faarcysde,

    big fan of ur vids, hope there are still a lot to follow :)

    i actually had a few comments and questions already noted...but then gone through them with holdemresources and got ur reasoning :D

    nevertheless i rlly like ur 6max vids and i think i learn a lot everytime.

    so keep up the good work and go 4 more parts!