MSS for Beginners - Part 2

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Gerv presents you a new MSS video series. Through reviewing the coaches and various users play you will learn the basics of midstacking and get an insight to the most typical errors you should avoid.


MSS for Beginners series Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the next episode of the MSS Beginners Series by Gerv!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Tahigwa


  • M1rCea


    Yesss, been waiting for this! I want as much MSS material as possible, since it isn't covered too much.

    And I really like your vids and style, cheers!
  • SubWave


    Более крутого видео по пятикарточному я в жизни не смотрел!
  • Gerv


    Any questions about this video will be answered as soon as possible :) Thank you
  • Zeezout


    Maybe a more relaxt layout makes it better to follow. ;)
  • andi2k3


    hitbox is on ^^
  • kymupa


    Great video!

    I like the new strategy and I'm thinking of trying it.
  • sindeon


    Great video! It proves me that I´m applying MSS in right way. ;)
    Thanks a lot!

    Btw thumbs up for that Tony G´s joke. :-D
  • Pablo1337



    JJ hand: you did say its not good 3betting cause he´s raising utg-but you still have a good hand, even if you flop an overpair, sure its hard to play if you dont know what to do if you put him always on JJ+. But is calling in that case so much minus ev??????
  • kayza


    EMOFOLD ^^
  • Gerv



    You have an ''absolute'' good hand but relatively you have to treat it the same as 88-TT.

    You are OOP with a SPR of 3 on board textures you are probably not going to like:
    Qxx, Kxx, Axx
    but also 872hhs and he keeps firing IP

    Being OOP against 2 players as a MSS player sucks big time because even your skilllevel is that of Phil Galfond, your EV is still based on the Math because of the SPR
  • Pablo1337


    Where is the difference about JJ and QQ??? You would 3bet that hand and his range is still likely the same. Think utg raising range JJ+,AK is too close.
    Even if you call oop its pretty good for you in that case... UTG wouldn´t bet worse hands against shorty ip, so it´s very often like you have to play with an overpair (872hhs example)against bad shorty which is great and otherwise you have an easy fold and only spend a small amount of money. I really liked the video but I actually dont like that fold.
  • Pablo1337


    Think utg raising range JJ+,AK is too TIGHT!!!!!
  • roopopper


    Great job Gerv!!! Thanks!!!:-)
  • marlonmlk


    I have on question, you were marking with the green note the limpers in UTG?

    And how much profit you did on this run? Because you surely runned hot!
  • Gerv



    Well first of all this is a beginners video hence that is why one folds

    Secondly I think that when we see
    1) Axx, Kxx, Qxx board and
    2) 872rainbow boards

    We are not playing our hand optimal because villain can play GTO on 2) and bet AK which contradicts our thinking that he only cbets for value.

    So practically you expect a tight range opener to give up on such boards which is highly ambitious combinatorics wise
    Additionally we treat JJ as a setmining hand more or less which with our stacksize is not optimal at all.
    Last but not least we are prone to make a lot of mistakes when being OOP + Coldcaller. That's the hardest thing to learn in NLHE BSS & MSS I think.

    I made 336.7 big blinds in that session so that is like 8.5 stacks
  • iljaserokurov


    Everytime you do your opp. folds. I would really like to play such poker)))
  • Zekor2k


    wtf not even calling the jacks for 20 cents in a 75 cent pot while knowing his range quite well!? Just for set value. And I guess they autoloose some of their equity while playing 5c/10c.

    So back to the Jacks: Even if you give him AA or KK only its an easy call. -EV with only seeing the potsize in this situation but absolutely +EV if you rarely calculate with implied odds.
  • Zekor2k


    On the other Hand you play that kind of poker which looks so easy and actually IS sooooo easy. But many Players just fail because of their own personality. Let me tell you all: It IS that easy. Tight is absolutely right on the micros, you really dont need to do more. Some CBets in rare situations, otherwise you play fit or fold, thats it.
  • Gerv



    Can you show me the total math (expected value) of calling JJ there with equity calculation?

    Since it is a beginner video - once again - I refrain myself from doing advanced moves
  • promising


    nice video,Gerv!
    I wish I have that amount of patience some time :) I will certainly pay more attention at position I am at and on hand selection.
    Where could I find this chart? Any advice on when/in which situation to widen the range?
    Thanks a lot
  • Wizzzl65


    nice, but why just rushpoker?
  • Gerv


    The SHC you can find here:

    I think it is a solid and fast way to get the situations going. It is equivalent of 14 tabling on normal cashgame tables. The level of those players is the same on the micro limits

    Best regards
  • antstruk


    Not really... In rush you can put you opponent on a MUCH tighter hand range.
  • Gerv


    Definitly not on <25NL. You might encounter some 9/6 rakeback grinders but they are so easy to counter
  • DYSKO777


    Hey..nice videos..very well presented..good thought processes..and easy explanation..not boring like a lot of vids on Crunners.
    One Question..withh the 3 betting are you determimning the initial raisers position using the chart. Not sure about that..could u explain please..thx..DD
  • Gerv


    Thanks Dysk0777 !

    When we look at the 3bet chart we see that we can 3bet QQ+ if people are openraising from EP1 & Ep2

    So we have to read the positions of the player who raised before you. so never yourself opposed to the openraising chart

    hope it clears up :)
  • DYSKO777


    Ok thx..I see now..the 3 bet chart positions relate to the raiser's position..that make sense now..thx for answering that so quickly.
  • mattisks


    I like the vid. I wish there was more begginners like this :) If everyone will play so tight I can rape their blinds all day long.

    I like the vid mate and again.. I don't like some hands as they're played. Missing out on value but on the other hand, making it easy way..

    Very nice and funny vid *****
  • mattisks


    dang. Seen it all. Very nice. Actually I think NL10 is filled with much more gamblers than NL5 :)

    Nice run of cards mate.. :)
  • mattisks


    btw who came with idea of MSS? Seems to be nice after all :)
  • mattisks


    also lookin at the charts. Isn't range for stealraise from CO way too tight?
  • Gerv


    No I think it is fine because A8s-A2s, 44-22, KTo, QTo, JTo play really marginal if
    1) you want to fold out 3 players instead of 2
    2) You can be OOP vs BTN & with a hand like A2s, it plays really crappy
  • darekmazurek


    where can i get this card and table skin ? :/
  • Gerv


    PM me at community tool
  • roopopper


    i really enjoyed this vid!!! :-)just watched it again!!!
  • faithless1


    Hey Gerv,
    Thanks for these video's, I noticed in part 1 you raise preflop 4 x BB, but here in part 2 i see you raise 3 x BB.
    Is that because of the NL5/NL10 tables ?
    According the strategy on the site they mention 3 x BB preflop raise.
  • mqf82nnfa


    When would you use Resteal range from SHC? Every time (including previous video) you're using wider (3-bet) range.

    villain(CO), hero(BB)
    villain makes 3xBB
    hero range is taken from 3-bet SHC range vs LP (88+, A9s, AT+) instead of BB resteal range (88+, AJ+).

    Great video!
  • Impersonal23


    Nice videos :) I can see so easily how easy is playing with charts --> no difficult decisions - thanks a lot :)