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Boomer continues his series, where he reviews the play of fellow pokerstrategists. In the newest episode fuerstin plays $3/$6 on Starts.


PokerStars User Session Review Userreview with Boomer2k10

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by Boomer!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • gomesh87


    My favorite coach !
  • gomesh87


    Video is really good ..
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    really great video, nice explanations Boomer.

    And really well played fuerstin!
  • taavi1337


    Hi! Nice video.

    At 56:40 it's not that obvius valuebet with AK imo. I don't think SB would cap AT and lower preflop, so we only bet against AQ. But if he's solid he would never c/c in this spot against a TAG because of the negative freeroll spot.

    It's valuebettable, but very close because of the villain's preflop cap. If he's a TAG, he would bet AQ by himself, if he's fishy, he could even c/c an overpair here because the flush got in.
  • Boomer2k10



    Value betting A-high is nowhere near as prevalent as some seem to think it is. I happen to know this guy's a decent 2/4 winner.

    I agree that AQ is a valuebet here for FishDestroy vs our more than likely heavily weighted A-High range given our line however given he checked AK here he's obviously not on that level and you should be very careful about assigning people the ability to do things they can't.

    Once he checks here he's turned his hand totally face up as A-High because there's no reason for him not to value-bet a better hand so it doesn't really matter what we're targetting because we're, as you said, freerolling him

    It doesn't make sense for him to x/r here if he's solid as our hand looks so much like A-high he's just giving us a free river our non AK/maybe AQ hands.

    All these things add up, imo, to a pretty simple value bet overall.
  • fuerstIN


    Sorry for the late feedbackbut I was on holiday till yesterday and was busy today so that why I answer that late.
    Would be great if you could answera few of my questions or say what you think about my assumptions.
    I tried to give you background about my thought procces at that time as far as I remembered and try to defend my lines ;)

    @ HamburgmeinePerle:
    thanks :) Tho I think thee were a few Hands I deffs should have played differently!

    -Min 05:30: Villain was ablsoutely unknown to me by then. I just knew, that he didn't chose to sit on my left because colinas is playing regulary inthese Games and he's loose passive. He bought in Short and sat 2 seats left of me, so I was pretty sure he is a bad player.

    I generally tend to call down light in the first few hands if I'm up against an unknown to
    1.) know how they play
    2.) let them know that I'm willing to show down alot and that they can't just bluff me off hands.

    Tho maybe that calldown is too light as u said bc I can't really beat anything, so it's more for informational purposes I guess.

    -Min 11:35 : I think calling the Flop and raising the Turn is superior to raising immediately.
    as played 3betting the Turn is the way to go.
    My thoughts weresth like: I don't want Lilsto to fold sth like a PP ( which he might having to pay to more bets; tho he might aswell call even 2 more bets with sth like 55 I imagine tho I think he will more likely let it go) and I thought he might call one more bet with a bluff which is very optimistic, so I hinkit doens't really matter what I do if he has a bluff. However as you said he is more likely to have sth like Ax or a pocket and therefore a 3bet is way better.

    The reason why I didn't raise the flop was that I thought colinas might catch a peace of the board on the turn or a draw and will then commit the rest of his stack. However if I raise lilstro ispretty likely to 3bet and colinas might fold. In addition I waspretty sure lilstro will barrel the Turn again ( because he three barreled 1 out of 1 with nothing at all) and therefore I will get around around 2,5 BB with calling teh flop and rainsing the Turn.

    In addition to that I don't have to protect at all.
  • fuerstIN


    Min 15:44:
    I don't think it's that farout of line. I would open A9o in MP2 with a weak player in the BB. In addition Mp3 is tight 26/20 and 11% 3bet I decided to loosen up 2 pips knowing lilstro would 3bet a wide range. Getting a 3way pot isn't that big of a deal because we're in position against colinas and he is passive. However I would'nt open A6o here!

    After I get 3bet I think my reasoning for capping is that lilstro still has a wide range and is nearly All-In so I would keep the initative by capping and represent a stronger holding. In addition I think that Valkyller would 3bet his stronger hands and I haven't seen him coldcall so there is a slight! chance of a missclick.
    I can see your points for not capping tho.
    Would you then c/r any flop to isolate against lilstro?

    What would your minimum for opening with an offsuit A be?

    -Min 22:40: What do you think about checking the Turn?

    -Min 28:50:
    What would you do if mylady would check teh River? would you b/c, b/f or check behind? I assume wehaven't had any history so far but he mught know that I'm a Reg and he might aswell think, that I'm not bad ( not sure if he does tho :D )

    -Min 32:30 :
    I see your point and thats what came in my mind while rewatching teh Video but Im not sure if its enough to call with KT and AT Which would be 24 kombos and is quite a large amount.
    I just think I might call too many hands that are only bluffcatcher since I would also call the FLop and raise a safe Turn with Jx and an Overpair ( not sure if thats superior to raising the Flop immediately)
    Would you still raise that Turn with KK or AJ ( both with or without a diamond)?
    I would call teh Turn mostly I think. So therefore I should also fold more of my weaker Hands with SD-Value ( basicially all Tx and PP; sincethere aren't any Tx lower than QT I would open from the CO I would fold QT and KTo and maybe call KTs ( not KTd tho ) and AT ( which then would be 15 Kombos )
    Is that thought right or am I doing a mistake here?
  • fuerstIN


    Min 33:20 :
    I just don't 3bet HU last to act, so thats why I just called the Flop and planned to raise the Turn.

    -Min 40:00 : I think I had the read that he 3bets A highs and PP on the flop and bets the Turn for a free SD, so I wanted to keep the initiative and don't allow how to do that since he was aswell showdownbound wiht these type of hands!

    concerning the chat: I was pretty sure that he had me beat I just wanted to make him believe that I thought he was bluffing -. Tho I made a note saying that he might have bluffraised the River on a scary board, in case I will paly against him again and have a tricky spot on a scary board so that Im more inclined to look him up.

    Min 44:30: Yeah right putting in 3 bets to get to the show down is too much! I might aswell have been dictracted or on tilt ( not steaming tilt but not playing 100 % A Game) because of teh hand before.
    Especially since he was playing 28/10 with an AF of 1.0 over 300 Hands and I marked him as an weak player. I think I planned to call the turn to fold to a Riverbet since I thought he would not bluff the River. What do you think about that? I think it has merit but since I'm not sure about if hewouldbe capable of semibluffing so it's a bit of a guessing gameso I prefer folding the Turn directly like you suggest!

    -Min 45:50 :
    I thought SB would have bet any strong hands and he was loose passiv so he might peel aswellwith any club, however he had a fold to T Cbet of 33% which is pretty high so I like folding!

    47:45 : Yeah I should have bet that Turn! Especially because he had a WTs of30 ( only 300 Hands but still)

    -Min 50:15 : What would you do against a c/r from Calado? Is there anything we cand o but coldcall?

    Yeah true, I missplayed that one hard on the Flop/Turn :(

    I like the River c/r tho because I think that nearly every Player ( even the weak ones ) do Valuebet the River with a PP they are capping preflop, sincethat's normally 77-TT+ ( depending on the Player) so most of them have an Overpair to the second highest Boardcard and therefore think that I would bet anything that beats 8x. If they bet they can't get away from their hand, because my line looks a bit suspicious...
    But maybe that was just luck for me don't really know because that situation didn't occur to me that often.

    He had TT btw!

    Thanks for your offer and your positive Feedback :)

    andsorry for the long question/comment!
  • Boomer2k10


    OMG Wall O' Questions?!!!

    This may take a while :(

    1) I'm actually the same, early in a match or if the guy's unknown I tend to be a little more SD bound than usual but in this case, as you've mentioned, we just don't beat enough hand to call here unless the guy's a fully fleged lunatic and even then it's marginal.

    2) The only thing that worres me about the "Call Flop/Raise Turn IP" line on these types of boards is that they tend to be exactly what they represent, strength. However I think Call Flop Raise turn is absoultely fine here.

    3)Actually A9o would be my cutoff, there's just too much likelihood of this going 3-way and offsuits Aces play terribly in 3-way pots. A7o isn't even a favourite against a random Ace so I certianly wouldn't be opening it UTG even in favourable circumstances.

    I can see your reasoning for opening it but I think you're looking for a few too many things to go correctly in order for opening A7o to be a good play.
  • Boomer2k10


    4) The problem with checking is we hand out a freecard to a hand which probably has at minimum 10 outs.

    Also if we check and he bets twice it's pretyt rough for us. To me a lot would depend on whether you thought he was someone who could be induced into betting twice. I think betting is fine.

    5)That would be really interesting actually. I don't know MyLady's game well enough but I guess we'd probably Bet/Fold. It'd be a sick enough River X/R with a better hand but it'd be a super hardcore X/R bluff and he'd deserve the pot if he did it :).

    I mean it makes sense based on our line. We've called twice so we can't have a big Ace and we probably don't have a flush so we may have a weak made hand. That said we could also have quite a few single diamond hands but he doesn't lose anything by checking to those....hmmmmmm *Prepares thesis* :)

    I may be changing my tune here, I think vs someone absolutely world class we'd have to call the river x/r otherwise he'd be able to exploit us too much by turning hands into bluffs (like Low PPs and broadways gutters). Vs a decent TAG at these limits though B/F is probably your line but I don't know MyLady well enough to make a judgement :)

    6) Really balance didn't 100% enter my mind but it is one of the reasons you can probably fold here.

    Having said that you are not quite at the bottom of your "Bluffcatching" range due to the fact you will have some 9's you're going to want to throw away too so it's not so bad overall. That said this is probably a "grey area" or "on the line" hand.

    Yes I would still raise KK and AJ on the turn, our hand is too strong under those circumstances (and currently under-represented). Plus if he don't it basically means we only raise 2-pair plus on turn.
  • Boomer2k10


    7) Personally I don't often but there are always places where we can break "rules". Generally those places fall into

    a) We can get a ton of action becasue pre-flop/board dicates it. The classic "we are in a position to get capped so we can raise the turn anyway"

    b) It's a free spew or a potential "Cheaper route to SD"

    That said it's not as if one line is that much worse than another here but I would certainly recommend you look for areas where you can B3B in position.

    8) I actually did some work on this recently with a group of guys and we actually came to a really wierd solution vs a lot of these guys who like to do this which is to call flop 3 bet donk turn. (It's probably neutral w/ capping & leading over all tbh)

    Most of the time guys who like to "3-bet flop for cheaper SD" are doing it becasue they have a weak SD-able hand and certainly vs a donk they can't get away.

    But the standard Cap & Lead is fine too if you have that read.

    9) Yeah I agree w/ your assesment, he's not bluffing anywhere near enough for A7 to be a profitable call here.

    10) Yay Agreements :)

    11) hehe

    12) Pretty much no, the pot's too big. Although he's pretty much always got top set or AQ there but since we block AQ somewhat we have enough to call.

    13) He paid you off w/ TT??? mbn :)

    Well played overall though and nice comments :)
  • fuerstIN


    Ah I totaly forgot to say thanks for your detailed and helpful answeres :)

    Thanks Boomer :)