Playing the Final Table - Part 3

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $26
  • Fullring
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In his new series Aaron focuses on probably the most important part of MTT's, the final table. He'll show you how to reach the big payouts in order to maximize your profits. In Part 3 he reviews the play of a pokerstrategist on the final table of the 33K GTD of Fulltilt.


Playing the Final Table series Session Review

Comments (25)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by AAron!

    Please keep the videos in English!
  • geoelt


    nice vid, it's a 26$ and not a 109$ Tournament though ;)
  • knb22


    If it is a $26 tourney, then this should be a gold video imo :)
  • krason


    no it shouldnt, knb22.
  • knb22


    #4: it was a platinum-video when it was released, and that made no sense :)
  • duffy


    @1: the video IS in English
  • PhantomR32


    @6: obvious typo I think he meant to put "Please keep the comments in English" ^_^

    Good video Aaron
  • AaronLambert


    Thanks guys :D
  • smokinnurse


    25:00 i like the call with TT pre much more than a 3bet
    couse seeing the stacksizes from the other players, i think we cannot get it in profitably vs the bigstack
    and we cover him just slightly
  • fusionpk


    i like the idea with the overbet w/ AK because he only has like 1 pair type hands, and he just cant call an overbet, however shoving like 2.5x pot is probably spewey :D

    pretty decent vid tho! ty
  • FishermansFriend


    possibly not my brightest moment :)
  • Kaitz20


    Have to upgrade you from good player to very good player :)
    Well played especially from pf 4-bet shoves and overbet shove with AK, although 300k bet should also work
    See you at the tables and gl taking down 40k
  • goldchess


    The thing with the AK hand is that you can never have a flush or a straight. So you represent abs nothing with the overbet shove, and if villain was a good hand reader he could make some nice hero calls
  • amplifyd


    At the time I seemed to have lost the ability to consider risk:reward on a lot of my bluffs :D
  • meedio


    Why the previous two videos are not on silver-level?
  • AaronLambert


    I do like the aggro play when you consider how top heavy the payouts are at FTP
  • ihufa


    36:20 the best card for us falls off and you say it's a bad card for us blows my mind.
  • bonebt


    nice video good explanations and stuff...

    some comments about some hands

    - 5:20 AK hand i dont like the way Hero plays his hand i dont like check behind on flop given stack sizes and SPR cos hero imo with those stack sizes and SPR is never(shouldnt) check on that board Qx, flush draw, sets etc so his hand is face up like PP taht goes for pot control and air,
    turn doesnt improve heros range except 22 and river doesn't change anything so heros is narowing his range to like QQ/22 and air
    ....i do get the concept that villains hand is prety weak too, maybe medium pair with bad kicker and we want him to fold that but imo risk reward ratio is not good cos if villain make hero call or it happens that he slowplays big hand we r crippling our stack and we cant put presure on other players any more... and wining that pot doesnt change anything in stack sizes/stack dinamics so if i dont Cbet flop i would basicly giving up not improved with heros hand
    I would be fine if hero Cbet flop/bet turn/jam river something like 40k, 70-80k, jam river

    - 15:00 SB guy flating with A9 is atrocious to start with... as hand was played on turn he should imo shove or check fold
    *shove cos with his bet he is anouncing that he is pot commited so draws woudnt shove on him but they r geting great price to call and try to hit their draws (he bet 1/3 pot) and he is making drawing expensive,
    *check/fold cos T hits BB calling range hard so if he was ahead on flop he is very likely that he is behind now
    but as played tbh i would like bet folding in that spot with his hand

    and in bb place i would shove after SB donks with set22 cos that way imo mine hand looks weaker
  • bonebt


    - 17:00 Hero 3bet shove with K2s imo is ok with me cos we have shories in BB so if we 3 bet we r giving room for them to 4bet shove light and if we r bet we r giving ilusion to co that he has FEQ if he 4bet shove and he might shove something like AT/AJ, 22-99 but he might fold most of them when we shove
    so imo is shove or fold spot i dont like 3 betting in that spot

    -21:00 mason shove with T9s from SB is ok with me cos he want to play/iso him self with hand that has nice value with dead money from BB + antes vs king kong guy or vs hero in BB
    cos HERO in BB cant flat when SB shoves (he should flat there with KK+ only imo) and shove every other hand that he wants to play cos if he falt he is opening him self to a shove from kinkong guy

    -25:00 TT hand i like flat with TT cos as we see previously kinkong guy sqz with 86s so i like flat there as trap and not to bload pot preflop vs other big stack

    -33:00 HU T8 c/r to 350k is super fine i hate jaming in that spot, there is no hand i'll play it like that cos when vilain calls your jam u r drawing dead and you r geting same efects with jam and with c/r to 350k

    but if you expect that villain will 3betAI there light (like AT+PP etc)or just call a ton if you c/r to 350k then jam is ok but is very marginal spot with icm and stuff imo
  • AaronLambert


    @17 It isn't as bad as I thought but I did have a 2 in his range from the beginning so that would make sense. I think the best card would be a 5, 3, or K that doesn't make the flush. King because it doesn't complete any straights and would make no sense here unless he had a King High Flush draw
  • AaronLambert


    @18 part 2
    Pretty interesting to shove with 22 there... I can see your logic and I doubt this player folds A9 here so it would have worked in this spot but I think the opponent played his hand very well.

    Granted his range is pretty poloraized here but nevertheless in these limits it doesn't really matter too much.
  • AaronLambert


    @19 I agree I think he has a ton of F/E here and being the opponent just got the chips he will lighten his range a ton here so it is fine with me too. It is something I have been doing alot recently.

    Still don't like the 9T shove. He lost the previous hand so it could be him giving up here and he has NO f/e.

    Agreed TT flat is very good.

    And you agree on the last hand :D.
  • AssadKamran91


    very nice video. will you make some videos for late stage, but not like the ft? like from last 6-2 tables.
  • AaronLambert


    That is a good idea. I'll incorporate that in the future after a few different series get published.

    Thanks for the input!
  • luigialmeida


    I know it's been a while, but I'd like to thank you for this video and your great insights. But I'd like to see a different approach, such as what to do when we enter the FT as short stacks.