FL $0.25/$0.5 FR Session Review

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.25/$0.50
  • Fullring
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Session Review

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  • ForTexi


    At 12min it's showing the wrong hand
  • Cydrich


    Interesting video and explanations. Could you use a higher resolution grabbing the video next time? It is rather hard on the eyes the way it is now.

  • ggallin


    did I hear a Kiwi accent ? nice vid
  • mouse89


  • irregularity


    Sorry, it's an old vid so you may not remember? Around 17 minutes in you have TT you are OOP to your caller and you bet out on a flop of Axx, two spades. You say if you were in his position and had an ace you would call this bet rather than raise, is the propper thing not to raise with the flush draw?
  • irregularity


    Just another quick question, did you deliberatly not show HUD stats in the vid? As surely it would be helpful to refer to, helping to give pictures of the players.
  • iinnaattii


    Yes, hes from Auckland, never been there but i love pictures from The Lord of The Ring, must be perfect in New Zeland
  • gurrrd


    man on 0.5/0.10 FL 10 ring full i try moving up this limit and the first try was sucsesfull i got 6 dolars i entered with 1 dolar and then after 3 hours i entered again and lost 4 in 30 min i got AA 5 times and all 5 times some one suckout on me so is my skill low to play 0.5/0.10 or it was just bad luck and awso i got my pokerstars bankroll by wining a freeroll 7 dolars and i got up to 22 by playng 2$ heads up and 0.1/0.2 no limit
    my question is what limits shold i play and untill what money