NL50 Live Session: Taking Notes and Profiling Opponents

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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In his new video Bogdan focuses on how to exploit your opponents by noting their weaknesses. He will demonstrate opponent profiling during a live session,


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by Bogdan!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • laghorn711


    first first

    nice one!
  • ridersonthedonkey


    u are often talking about what your notes are telling you about your opponent, y don't you write your conclusion down? i found that when u look at older notes in the middle of a hand with all that information about the exact board etc. I get confused and don't have the time to get the most important information on my opponent, so i would rather type something like: dry lcB (dry lowcardboard) or even just write (p.e. with that murph guy):

    cbets with small overpair on dry lcB, cd down T+R on 2 Overcards vs 60% PS OOP -> Valuebet thinly!!!

    so I would sum the information more up and would leave a conclusion or what to do note on the end , something like a gameplan or how to adjust, whats your opinion on that Bogdan? can u use your very specific information i later sessions? do you sum them up at some point? if yes when and how (examples would be nice!)?
  • ridersonthedonkey


    so how and where can i apply for the coaching-series? i added u as a friend to send u my request, because i found no thread on the Forums concerning the coaching-series u are planning to do,
  • BogdanPS


    @ridersonthedonkey: Regarding the coaching series: I prefer if you sent me a private message. Please include as much information as you can about your game (limits, #tables, #hands/month, etc).

    Very good point about note taking. In a single session, unless I have solid reads, I will not write down (m)any specific conclusions. Most of these conclusions are usually mental notes for me.

    What I normally do is this:
    A) write notes throughout the session if something is very likely from his game I will write down the conclusion followed by the spots where I have found it.

    IE: gives up on the turn if he checks flop
    example(s) where I have seen this

    B) At the end of the session (or right before a new sessioN) I got over my hands and notes and polish them. It is during this time that I write down most of my conclusions (by now a lot of my mental notes are gone).

    So eventually notes will look like this:
    Conclusions (ranges, lines, etc.)
    Examples of the above

    Your suggestion is also very good and it can be done like that as well. But remember to not take just one sample of said conclusion and make it a fact.
  • hally


    looks like a copy of "grindcore" for me!
  • ridersonthedonkey



    regarding Applying for Coaching:

    I can only send u a private message once you added me as a friend, if theres any other possibility I can't do it for some reason,

    regarding notes-taking:

    thanks for your answer, makes some stuff clearer to me, i would really appreciate it if you would show that process of summing up the information and how you are doing it at the end of a session in your next video,

    how many hands or examples (i.e. notes) to you need to draw a conclusion?
  • BogdanPS


    @hally: I'm not sure how to reply to this. What do you mean by a copy of Grindcore?

    @rider: I wasn't aware of the fact that you can only send a message once we are friends. I sent you a request though so you can send me a PM after. I'll look into adding a thread on the forums then.

    Ok, I'll keep that in mind and will work on it for next time (possibly I can do a session review video where I discuss that).

    It depends on the note you are trying to take. For some 2-3 hands is enough (maybe even 1) while for others you need 4-5 or more. Conclusions can also be different too in the sense that some are uncertain (so you add a ?) or certain (you've seen enough to think that's the case).

    For example if I see someone call down light on 2-3 occasions that would be enough for me to make a conclusion regarding their bluff catching. Remember that when we take notes we have to be aware of everything from board texture, positions to dynamic/history/tilt factors.
  • ridersonthedonkey



    ok so i suppose you would be waiting for 4-5 hands before you make a conclusion, when somebody is doing something rather fancy,spewy or rare like 3 barreling as a bluff with no equity (no fd,gs,2overs, basically nothing) ,or c/r the river as a bluff when some draw hits, or if somebody likes to call overbets with 2ndpair (special form of bluffcatching) ,stuff like that?

    For what other situations would it take you 4-5 notes to take a conclusion?
  • BogdanPS


    I would say that for the example you gave above you can make a conclusion after 2-3 samples given that usually 1 occurrence could be tilt but when there are a few it shows a trend.

    I'd say 4-5 would be for spots where I want to make a conclusion about his range and I want to be very specific.
    IE: 3-bets polarized range of XX and YY.

    In other words I don't want to rush to the conclusion that he 3-bets very polarized ranges and then adjust my play to make potentially big mistakes (let's say we see he 3-bets KK once and then A7o the other time). If over let's say 4 or 5 samples we see that 3 times he had weaker hands (junk) and 2 times value we can be happier about our conclusion.
  • ridersonthedonkey


    thanks alot for your detailed, long and quick answers!!!!
  • BogdanPS


    You are welcome rider.
  • Titangizmo


    I made a friend request too since I'm not sure on what forum your on. If you make a thread can you post link here or is friend request enough?
  • BogdanPS


    @ Titan: I have added you.

    @ Irrishka: Did you mean to add something else besides that link?
  • matusko


    great vid, liked it a lot.
  • Dublimax


    Hi Bogdan, sent you a friend request for the video series
  • Bulletdodger777


    Bogdan, thanks for the video, it's great. I hope to find some new vidoes from you soon.
  • hendzior


    Hello Bogdan, i would like to be your student in next video session, sending friend request.
  • Toshinger


    I like your approach based on notes, reads + stats, keep on doing videos! N1!
  • breena


    Nice vid should defo do more
  • donkeyshot


    Good vid. Thx.
    I'm going over my session in a simular way but definatly learned something from your approach.
    One thing I do sometimes is reviewing older sessions (or new ones where I missed hands opponents played vs. eachother)and hidding the opponents known hole cards to pratice handreading/assinging ranges. Like this I also get a better unbiased idea if I made the optimal play vs. their range rather then vs. their holecards. I also get to see if my assumptions about their range was correct.
  • donkeyshot


    ^ oops, posted in the wrong place. Should've been the other vid. Liked this one too btw ;)
  • Maniatrix


    Poor kareem being refered to as a "she"
  • DanDule


    Thumbs down, not spoken clearly enough.
  • Harnas31


    great vid
    3 tables + comments + making notes
    the heck of info

  • EverSteel


    Hey Bogdan,

    9:06 KQo 1st table, you say that you like calling offsuit and 3betting suited for value. But you have to fold to a push from shortstack anyway, and it's better to play postflop (esp OOP) with a suited hand. Could you explain the situation?

  • EverSteel


    Hey Bogdan,

    9:06 KQo 1st table, you say that you like calling offsuit and 3betting suited for value. But you have to fold to a push from shortstack anyway, and it's better to play postflop (esp OOP) with a suited hand. Could you explain the situation?

  • sausage646


    IMO at 42:32 you are making big mistake by clicking auto check fold T8s up/left table - it's a big tell giving.