SNG Review with All Hole Cards - Part 2

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $11 - $22
  • Fullring
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To celebrate the anniversary of the Bankroll Building Coaching, Unam invited some pokerstrategists to play a SNG, then he merged the hand histories together to bring you this special video where he analyzes the game of every player.


hand history review SNG Review with All Hole Cards

Comments (18)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the second part of this special SNG Review by Unam!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • ElDenisius


    Thx very much ! I'm looking forward to the next movie
  • krason


    really nice play with TJ at the 40 min mark + good explanation.
  • DonTabamsey


    interesting video. very good analysis of amakas play at the end.
    just a comment on these aq and ak hands (even if was oop). if you had aa or kk in this spot, would u also jam it?
    i suspect you probably would not. so not only u might loose value, but you also turn your hand face up as ak-aq, tt-qq. and, which is even more of a problem, u turn your aa and kk face up with a regular 3-bet.
  • sirilidion


    the AQ and AK making such a large reshove all-in arent you only most likely getting called when your beat or flipping. The risk-reward seems pretty bad to me.
  • Romeryo


    Awesome bubble 4way board :D I guess it was more funny than disappointing bubbling there, lol
  • goldchess


    1:45 T9s is a clear +EV shove BvB. Pretty surprised you just skipped through this
  • goldchess


    5:30 you have the stack sizes wrong in the nash calculator- you have them in reverse order, with the big stack UTG
  • goldchess


    37:00 73s is a nash push
  • goldchess


    38:00 why not just reshove JTs, seems like a perfect spot
  • goldchess


    42:38 easy push with 96o
  • smokinnurse


    greedy unam^^
  • smokinnurse


    #12 37:00
    meant it was the last hand^^
  • friomc


    good video, incredible last hand, I learn so much with you, and waiting the next.Congratulations.
  • Tim64


    y, really excellent vid - thanks.
  • Tim64


    39:00 66 vs QJs; the one thing I didn't understand was that you said you did not think he would value bet a K on the River so the only hands he would bet would be Qx or bluffs. But it seems as though he would be more likely to value bet Kx than Qx (since there are more worse hands that could call). in fact I would say that betting here with Qx is in fact a bluff rather than a value bet. did I misunderstand?
  • Unam


    No you didn't I based it on the betsize there, imho he would v-bet a king but smaller. The part with the Q was phrased badly, I already had the opinion, that he isn't holding a Fh or a better 2 pair here, so it is an other highcard hand and I just talked about the Q because it doesn't matter if his hand is worse then the Q cause I am ahead then.
  • ghaleon


    Setting default edge to zero might be good idea in sng wiz. No need to change it all the time :)