NL $10 FR SR Variations from SHC

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Fullring
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  • suitsetaminevoibtappa


    nice video once again sir

    btw, which limits do you usually play hasenbraten?

  • dallievas


    Thank you,excellent video as allways.
    I`m looking forward to new one.
  • PokerLucas


    Thank you Hasen, pretty nice video!
  • ThiRdEyE7


    Good video. Good explanations for your decisions. Cheers

    Interesting comment at the end of the 44 hand - do you really think it is worthwhile betting 1bb if everyone had checked the river to you? You would probably only get 1 maybe 2 callers and what do you do if faced with a check raise? I think at these stakes it is quite possible that a weak player could be check calling a 10,J or 55 & 66 not realising they have the best hand at the river. I think this would happen roughly an equal ammount as someone calling with a worse hand, plus betting 1bb and getting called adds very little value to the pot. What do you think?
  • nam4ka


    What kind of squeeze was that ? With JJ :) ?? You cant waste your good hands for such plays as squeezes. JJ is money making hand ! I would do a squeeze with 7 4 suited or smt like that, but not with JJ. Maybe i am wrong ;).
  • giulee



    Very good video!
  • mouse89


  • yzystyle


    hey guys where can i find the new SHC(starting hands chart)? i only know the old one...
    by the way this is a really helpful video 5 stars
  • fortunewheel


    the starting hand chart is the most awfull way u can ever play poker. not raising hands in MP like 66 is a JOKE. U should never ever openlimp that's just being a passive exploitable nit who lose tons of money