Logic Knot - Part 5 - Game Selection and Creation

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Boomer is back with the next episode of Logic Knot. In it, he'll teach you how to boost your winrate via game selection.


Logic Knot series Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the next episode of Logic Knot!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • madorjan


    Hi Boomer!
    Nice vid, ty! I missed a tiny bit about the ethics of bunnyhopping (when someone i.e. gamecreates, and then the fish sits on the wrong side of him, and he leaves and rejoins the table IP on the fish). It is certainly profitable, but how do you see the ethics on that?
    Thanks in advance, great video!
  • Boomer2k10



    From my own personal viewpoint I don't do it because I consider it a bit disrespectful and where I play the games are plentiful enough that I don't need to find 1 fish at a limit usually.

    The flip side obviously is that if games aren't plentiful or there are very few fish then seat changing just becomes another part of the game. If you read Elements of Poker you'll see how prevalent it is live and tbh it's just another part of the game.

    Of course, like game selection, it can be taken to extremes where you're seat hopping like mad and will only sit in when you've got god seats.

    I'm fairly neutral on the whole idea to be honest. I don't like the idea personally becasue I wouldn't like it done to me, but I'm not going to call anyone out on doing it because it's just a part of the game.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    well madorjan, you think it's wrong to practice "bunnyhopping"?!

    I think playing Poker in general is immoral.

    there are many prejudices against poker and about most of them 95% of all poker players will say that they're wrong and if you talk to noobs who just argue with those prejudices you alywas will have a good argument against them (if they don't understand it, what do you want to do about it, but it doesn't matter).

    But if you discuss the topic "Poker" with someone who can understand your arguments and he says "well you may be right, but playing poker is immoral..." what do you say then?!

    what I want to say is: It's a small "sin" to do bunnyhopping in comparison to play poker in general, so I don't care about it. Most of the fish won't notice it anyway, so it doesn't matter...sounds a little bit hard, but if you don't take the seat, someone else does.
    And I think that argument is much better than saying "playing poker is not immoral. If I wasn't doing it, someone else will steal the fish's money...

    I hope you can understand what I want to say though my English is not that good, sorry for that...

    and now I'm going to watch the video ;)
  • flushtrain


    pretty cool one, thanks
  • Augepaul


    Again Good Video! The first few curves were pretty interesting imo. I already use Game creation sp the rest wasn't new for me but still got to recap it and have it visualy!
    Looking forward to the Game creation live games!
    Do you also play on Stars or FTP? Would appreciate that :)
  • Merc190E


    @ #2,

    isn't playing poker all about exploitation, especially the higher the limits you play? Bunnyhopping is just another way to exploit your opponents.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    very great video again, Boomer.

    3 general questions:

    1. I asked this in teh German forum but I want to hear your opinion to that as well:
    what do you think is the worst relative position on a fish or a maniac?! The best is quite obvious sitting directly left to him but what's the worst?

    Sitting on the opposite site of him or sitting right to him? Would you make differences between a calling station and a maniac. I personally don't mind sitting direct OOP against a maniac as I can donk my strong hands and use his aggressivity for protection against other players. Or I can make looser steals, hoping that he 3-bets and players afterwards can't play the hand though they would have liked to, if there was only my openraise, best case would be that they even fold a better hand obviously.

    2. Game creation: you really play 30-40 hands against a reg?! I can't imagine doing this on 2/4 as the rake is so high and let's say we both have exactly the same skill we will both losse such a large amount of money playing so many hands with each other, don't we?! Well on PokerStars it won't really happen as there will be a 3rd player very soon probably, but I don't play a table when I have no edge. What I rather do than that is quitting the table, not sitting out but quitting, so that's not bumhunting, is it?! Ok you don't have the advantage of Game creation then but well, most often a fish will sit to you and not a reg.

    3. topic game creation/HU Play:

    what do you think if a rock sits to your "created" game on 2/4?! o you think you will have an edge over him despite of the high rake?!

    So would you play him in a 2max game for more hundred hands on 2/4?! Do you think you can run +EV against such a player, let's say he plays 17/13 on 6max or sth like that?
  • Boomer2k10


    1) Being OOP on a Maniac is generally not where you want to be, but you can somewhat mitigate it. It just means you can pretty much never steal the blinds and you have to be careful about your opening standards. Playing OOP is never going to be as profitable as playing in position.

    I do not like being across the table from a maniac becasue it means I can't get involved with him the vast majority of the time.

    2) Yes I do. There are some regs I would quit but at 2/4 and 3/6 they are very few and far between. 5/T there are certainly more I would avoid playing against but the average reg at 2/4 and 3/6 I will play if it means starting a game.

    Even if you're both equal in skill the most you're going to lose long term at 2/4 in 30-40 hands is about $10. If that's the price of getting a potentially great game I'll pay it. Obviously you always have the right to quit if you have no edge but I think this can be taken way too far. Just becasue someone's a 6-max reg doesn't mean their HUHU game is any good.

    3) Yes I would have an edge over a Rock, especially in a Super Shorthanded or HUHU situation. A guy playing 17/13 will fold preflop way too much and allow me to pick up his blinds way too often (or he'll fold too easily on the flop).

    Weak Tight Players, to be honest, are the most profitable guys you can play HU. The shorter the game gets the more things Loose players accidentally get right. I'd play a nit HUHU in a heartbeat. I'd have to think twice vs a maniac with half a brain.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    ty for you quick response!
  • GM2600


    Nice video !!! thx boomer you are special one I'm already looking forward to your next masterpiece.
  • MorchManN


    Boomer2k10, can you give further details about the plots? Which formulas did you use? Esp the one where you plotted the probability distribution against the big bets downswing.

  • Boomer2k10



    I used the EV++.com Variance Simulator :)

    They have a few nice simulators there for things like Bankroll Management, Risk of Ruin Management, Variance Simulation, Winrate Confidence etc which I will probably use in the future

    They do have an EV calculator too but I much prefer Equilab which is what you see in my videos
  • Boomer2k10


    The way they would calculate it is probably based on calculated variance based on Risk of Ruin.

    i.e. The forumla for Risk of Ruin is:

    ROR = e^((-2*Winrate*Bankroll)/(SD^2))

    So it's probably based on that calculation worked out for a number of bankrolls.

    Conversely a Bankroll Calcuator would be the inverse of that formula

    BR = (SD^2)/(-2*Winrate*ln(ROR tolerance))

    I can go through all of this on video and I've actually programmed a ROR, BR and Winrate Confidence Calculator into Excel if there's enough interest in it, I just felt it may be a tad dry and Leader has done some Maths Stuff already but I'm certainly open to doing it.