Playing the Final Table - Part 4

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $27 - $38
  • Fullring
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In the next episode of the final table series AAron reviews the play of a pokerstrategist on the $33 rebuy on fulltilt.


Playing the Final Table series Session Review

Comments (25)

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  • mimimi83


  • Fighter2000


    second ;D
  • fusionpk


    does the video cut short at the end?
  • AaronLambert


    It does... sorry guys it may have been on my end I have had issues uploading videos
  • AaronLambert


    Yea this is my fault I apologize to everyone. For some reason it cut off and I never noticed it.
  • qnb07


    the video randomly stops during a hand, 3-handed??
  • meedio


    Could you put the other videos on silver level too?
  • smurfphobos88


    what a luckbox
  • AaronLambert


    hehe this time it isn't me! :D
  • AaronLambert


    Universal replayer is down for me I was going to finish the video with hopes I could get it either added or uploaded as well.
  • Guguska


    Funny... You said "vasika" was the worst player on this final table, but he is a Pokerstrategy "teacher" too:) He makes videos for PS:)
  • AndrewFTP


    Cool layout
  • AaronLambert


    don't mean anything against vasika just thought his play at this FT was weak and when you consider the length of time he was at the table... there wasn't much of his play I got to see..

    If you got to see my early final table bustouts you would say the same thing!
  • FishermansFriend


    Hey Guys!

    We've retreived the missing minutes to the end of the video so now it should be complete! Enjoy and sorry for the glitch!
  • amplifyd


    about flat with 77 :

    trouble is its hard to play postflop and also to a thinking player your range is kinda narrowed to like 77-99(TT) and so it makes it much harder to play postflop. Ofc depends on whether they can see this.

    I guess one option you could do is to like 4b to a comitting amount and try to look like AA to fold out some of the stuff that beats us. He probs will just jam the stuff we flip with.

    If 9s truly is very next hand then its alw a flat for me cos in metagame you really do iso yourself with a 3b since you just doubled up hand before.
  • AaronLambert


    I think you mean to a 3Bet committing amount and that is fine as long you intend on calling the 4bet.

    And yes the 99 is a definite flat when you consider how deep both players are here.
  • Saruniks


    vasika probably had cold preflop cards, look how fast his stack went down, then you can't fold KQs if that's the best hand you had in a hour.
  • AaronLambert


  • bonebt


    about 13:00 77 hand i also dont like flating with 77 there so i prefer to shove or as amplifyd says 3bet get it in vs UTG fold if some one cold 4bet shoves (or flat and then utg shoves)
    but i like to flat there aa/kk with that table dynamics and hero image
  • bonebt


    19:00 q7s from Sb is also rasie for me
    next hand q7 off on btn i like that Cbet on that dry flop cos i'll do it with most of mine ranger we r not trying him to fold Ax but but we r happy if he fold KJ,JT, 88- 99 etc

    26:30 33 hand i dont like to call there hoping that we r on flip cos if villain win he is back in game and imo this is call for marginal gain but big damage if we loose this hand so imo 66/77+ AT+,KQ,QJ should be our calling range there btw tbh i'm expecting that villain will probbly shove 30-40% hand range
  • AaronLambert


    ya when it comes to calling ranges sometimes I'll even narrow the range to see what type of equity you have against a somewhat type approach to his shoving range.

    He obviously was wider than that considering he showed QT.

    As for the rest that is fine imo.
  • Alverine


    That was me playing :) Ty Aaron for your kind words. I was expecting to see a lot of bad plays because i remember when i played that tournament i wasnt used to a table full of good laggy players and it was new to me bet/call get it in light. But I think with preflop ranges I did good, the KQs shove by vanika i think its ok altough i would prefer flatting and evaluate postflop. I folded Q7s sb cause i felt like he was a good player and could outplay me using his position, and opened Q7o cause i love buttons and we have 50bb effect so why not? :)

    Im a big fan of chck back tons of flops but i still likes the cbet with Q7o cause it will be very hard to play when overcards come and will face up my hand been weak.

    Dont like the c/r with 98o at KQJss board cause 0 eq and low feq bc either hits his range or he has a draw and has the option of jamming.

    And the JTs was prob fold the turn cause his betting size seems to induce Tx to call, and mtt regs dont usually barrel air when a overcard comes.
  • label55


    hero is playing really well, runs good , but playing well so no shame to run good
    very nice video again Aaron , tyty
  • AaronLambert


    tyty... thanks for the input Alverine
  • 013paul


    I like this series, allthough only part 3 and 4 are available for silver members.

    I am also interested in the shorthanded play on the final 2 tables with different stack sizes, maybe that is a topic for a new video...