Userreview with Boomer2k10: Smyrfcheto

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  • $1/$2
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Boomer continues his series, where he reviews the play of fellow pokerstrategists. Hero this time is smyrfcheto, who plays $1/$2 SH on Pokerstars.


PokerStars User Session Review Userreview with Boomer2k10

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the next userreview video by Boomer!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    nice vid.

    4:00 AJs UR with FD on flop
    so you don't think he can fold AJ+ on blanks?!

    If so, then c/c would be much better than c/r as you say, we have IOs, no tough decision on the turn and if we hit the flush he will fold Ax ui anyway as there'snothing he beats with Ahigh.

    But if he's able to fold Ax on blanks or 6, 8, T I would consider c/r, maybe he thinks, that we think that his range ist strong and we won't have much FE so we wouldn't semibluff there then I think c/r is fine and we do balance our range as well, but it's 1/2 and probably he won't fold AQ just because of 1rs level thinking and then I agree 100% with your arguments and c/c is better than c/r in that spot.

    6:30 KQ UR
    what about c/c Flop as the preflopaggressor never has more than 3 Outs against us (assuming that he would Cbet with any pair and FD)? He can't call correctly but maybe he might call with AQ-A8, thinking the 8 coould be good as we don't raise (he could think we have 7x, PPs, maybe some 3x) and the better can have many sorts of hands when betting out, so we maybe can induce another bluff on the Turn by him.

    c/r is certainly standard but I think c/c is not so bad there and you can play it sometimes?!

    11:00 what intention do you have by betting the turn?! Villain represents Ax or monsters, Qx that want to play c/c c/r, so why not checking back as he wouldn't fold Ax?! Or do you want to prepare a bluff on the river if he calls? hat's the only reason for betting imo as he wouldn't peel very loose on this dry Flop with 1 highcard and if he does, so bet it, we get a freecard for our 10 outs against pairs <Q.

    once more, I'm surprised by your loose recommendations preflop.

    41:00 KTs UL is really a 3-bet??!

    we do have 42,5% Equity vs MP3-range according to ORC, isn't that way too less?!

    I wouldn't have done the other 3-bets that you recommended either.
  • Boomer2k10


    @ Hamburg

    04:00 on a blank turn no he's not folding AJ. The pot's big and that's a very drawn up board. I can't see any better hand we get to fold here without some severe help from the board.

    06:00 Actually if the PFR has his head screwed on our call if we were to make it looks very strong because often we'd like to "protect our hand and buy outs" in this situation even with draws so I prefer to bascially fastplay. To be fair I almost always fastplay in multi-way pots anyway unless I ahve absolute position.

    11:00 With a Q and a T on the board A-high shouldn't be getting to SD here, certainly not the weaker ones so our bet does have some fold equity also I WOULD check here vs this guy with SD value but we don't have enough here and I think he's prreling sufficiently light that we can try and barrel him off. If we aren't going to showdown then it doesn't really matter what we fold out. The "only better hands" arguement only applies when your hand can go to SD.


    Vs what I think a TAG/LAGTAG opens now (about 24% from HJ, rather than the 17% the ORC recommends) KTs has about 47% equity which when combined with position and initiative make this more than enough hand to 3-bet.

    I may be applying 2/4+ logic to this but you'll be hard pressed to find many big winning players at 2/4+ playing so tightly KTs isn't a 3-bet here.