Theory for the Non-Conformist

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In his first video for, kakeiho will present you some unusual spots, where you need to use some out of the box thinking to find the most profitable moves. He will show you when to bluff, herocall or herofold in these spots.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first video by Ka Kei Ho!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • PdroXz


    Very Nice =) Good Job Bro!
  • kingve


  • Ratatuj


    What happened with the image? Why so small???
  • ZodiaC


    sooo many assumptions. Every reg on nl 1k should be able to balance his preflop calling range, so you can't always discard QQ+ if villain coldcalls.

    If he is thinking he will be able to polarize his range to gain more value, e.g. the QJ hand min 24:30. You did not even mention that he could hold Ak.

    I dislike the word "perfect", its nothing extraordinary with these spots :). Perfect bluff spot is to push vs a fish on a split board but these hands are rather close.

    min31: You think he will NEVER coldcall an overpair preflop?

    min49: he is never semi bluff raising a flush draw? Even if you fold tp+ this is a pretty good spot for semibluffing.
  • simon6184


    I think on the AQ22Q board our opponent can take the same line with AJ-A8, as there is much more value in bet/folding, than in check/calling.
    Esecially when u think about our percieved range; were are not very likely to have Q or 2 and we also dont have AK most of the time.
  • kakeiho


    @Ratajuj: I am not sure. I will have to ask about that.

    @Zodiac: Yes, those assumptions are "Reads" that we have on our opponent and therefore all our strategic decisions are based on those reads - obviously we trust our reads by heart.

    This is not any particurlarly "regs" from 1k NL rather, I decided to use those stakes for simplicity sake in the bet sizings.

    On minute 24:30. It's impossible for this PARTICULAR opponent to have AK specially with the aggressive dynamic.

    On minute 31. If by overpair you mean QQ+ I really don't think so. Again, this is the kind of opponent that has been three betting too much. It would be insane to not 3bet that, obviously could be the case but at the same time would be inconsistent with the reads we have.

    On minute 49. I think on this hand it all boils down to one question: What hands does he have that he could be semi-bluffing with? My read was that his guy cold-calling range didn't include suited connectors and therefore there are not many suited hands that he could be raising with, say that he has JTs, there's only 1 combination of JT of hearts. I would think that given the positions and the opponent, his range on this board is going to be either a set/flushdraws and perhaps some random bluff raise that we can't really know how often they happen.

    Say turn comes 5s and we c/c. river is a 6c, I suppouse we have to c/c again, right? I believe this is going to be VERY marginal at best.

    @Simon6184: I am not sure I understand, are you saying that we should call the river? That he could be vbetting AJ-A8? If he is, I think he's techically turning his hand into a bluff which is not bad, I actually kind of like it.
  • tahudi


    well i like your video allot kakeiho nice start! good play m8te
  • Sandwind


    simon i think a tag straightforward player will rarely take that line but that kind of play is actually very interesting and yes it seems like the best play for him
    i strongly believe that u will see that play maybe 5% of time time so even if he has a Q only 95% of the time we can't call anyway :))
  • Sandwind


    btw kakeiho i loved your video :D
  • yomatiyo


    min 40: is that a hero fold? is a std fold =P
    The PP TT hand in J22 is also a litle bit std. He reps nothing.
    Min 44: std fold again. Calling make no sense.
    Min 50: If the guy is SO std we can fold, otherwise he can transform easily 44 in to a bluff too often.

    Ok vid, but except QJ, all std spots IMO.
  • 0890477319


    This video is awesome! So many good thoughts and themes to think about
  • luizsilveira


    Ok. I too had the impression they are standard bluffing/calling/folding spots...
  • Maniatrix


    JT hand, fish often has T9 or J9 here as well as flush and straights "I river 2 pair, I'm a donk so I must donkbet." Or of course, he called down with 99 and now has a set.
    Comes down to combinations I guess.

    TT hand on J22.
    Ok, I had a very similar spot where I checkraised w AQ and got called down on a Q44xx board.
    I was definitely not expecting more than 1 street from 99-JJ but we got stacks in by river. When he called there I expected to see KQ-QJ or AA but he surprisingly called me with JJ. Tagged him down as a fish but who knows :)

    Would that board be so different considering it's Q hi? Much more likely to expect AQ to c/r a Q44 flop than AJ to c/r a J22 flop as there is one more overpair on J22?