Normal Speed SNG Sessionreview - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $27 - $33
  • Fullring
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In his new video lessthanthreee reviews a session he played on the regular speed SNGs on fulltilt. He will focus on the differences between normals and turbos and the adjustments you should make for the more deepstacked play,


FullTilt Normal Speed SNG Sessionreview Session Review

Comments (19)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by lessthanthreee!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Kongotto


    Min 14:00 u cant fold AK if he raises the flop un only need 28% EQ /wo ICM.
    quick dirty range: TT,AQs,KQs,QTs+,AKo,KQo,QTo+ not even draws are inside = 29%
  • lessthanthreee



    yes you are correct. i have to bet/call the flop with 2 overs + the gutter. no idea why i said bet/fold in the video.

  • Tim64


    24:15 love watching you frantically pressing the "max" button as you get ready to shove ;)
  • Tim64


    31:00 Luckbox.
  • goldchess


    31:36 Is it your standard to fold KQo here? Or did you think the 2 fishy players would call too wide to make it profitable?
  • lessthanthreee



    i think its a close spot. having 4 unknowns behind 2 of which are pretty loose doesnt help my cause. i think my standard is to shove, but i can see why i folded here. a few too many spewy big stacks behind. id ship if sooooted .
  • imbey


    AUSSIE FOR THE WIN. NSW Central coast repp!
    maaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!! Nice vid :)
  • imbey


    31:29 " I've been pounding this guy so hard" :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • tpoke


    @33:30 upper right table, you're raising small AJo with 13.5bb. Wouldn't it be better to push? How would you have played had the BB given you action? Would you do the same on lower stakes?
  • lessthanthreee



    with 13.5bbs i like a raise line with my entire range at any limit. the players behind are all extremely tight (the BB is a bit loose but I dont think hes re-shoving loose). you can safely r/f AJo against the BTN/SB/BB and r/c the CO. your raise/call range should be AQ+ 99+
  • d1sAA


    Hey, lessthanthreee! Here's a comment from out Russian community:
    luckbox! try to show how own THE REAL PRO SNG PLAYERS
  • lessthanthreee


    Hi Russian community.
  • kurrkabin


    Another good video by lessthanthree.There are few spots where I think u were 2 much on the tighter side,maybe it's just a question of style.28:22 -It's not a great spot vs this guy,cuz he is obviously a tight reg,but I would still make a very close and somewhat marginal shove only cuz of stack sizes.AQ is a fold.31:36 -the bottom range of my offsuited Kx type of hands but I would still push.U have 2 tight guys on the blinds who will fold hands like 88 and AJ,probably 99 as well. 34:00 - 44 w 11,5 BB 4-handed is a clear shove to me.38:51 - AQo is a clear re-steal even against this guy.I think he would be raising there w something like 88+,A9s+,ATo+,KQo+.And noneless u have an awful loose image at that table.I think he will be calling 3bet shove there w hand u own like A9s or ATo as well.
  • tpoke


    damn it.. since I watched the video I started to frantically hit the max tab as well.. seems to be working, though! :)
  • lessthanthreee


    @ kurrkabin,

    I agree the AK,KQ are close spots. can go either way.

    the 44 is a clear fold, look it up in wiz and you will find with 11bbs in the CO on the bubble you have to be quite tight. I think 77+ here is ok.

    AQo definitely not a reshove, KQ,ATo,A9s are not in his range. He has an 8% PFR over a decent sample, 3x from the CO on the bubble. he has a monster here and we are crushed. Even AK is a fold here.
  • ickern


    26:08 Table4 9To
    You decided not to steal. But imagine that you did it and you get 2coldcallers. The sb did his line and went all in. Whats your line with 2pair?
  • lessthanthreee


    if i raised. T9o and get 2 callers in the blinds. flop is 9hTdJd and SB jams for 3x pot im SNAP calling. im also calling if BB calls the SB jam. both of their ranges have a lot of combo draws and we have enough equity to call flop imo.


    video + sound hang from 26:06 for me