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johnnyrocket returns with a new video after a short pause and he will explain how to get your A-game back after you've spent significant time without practicing.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Welcome back johnnyrocket! Enjoy the video all!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • panseman


    nice he's back. highly anticipated content. looking forward to watching the video.
  • MarkusMaximus


    korregtes hud
  • Puczek


    Such a powerfull player.
    If he says he is weaker now... i trust him.
    Will he be owning soon? 100% positive.
    I enjoy watching you quite a bit, even tho i play PLO.

    Good fun, Have luck.
  • Augepaul


    Göad your back :)
    nice Video! Looking forward to he next part, hope it gets online soon!1.)min 26:38: What about raising A6o in the BB vs the limp? otherwise its hard to realise our equity...

    2.)Min 29:03:
    left table:
    you folded J4o in the SB?is that standard for u? later on you said you would fold Q4o in the SB aswell but aren't sure if thats just because you feel a bit rusty. I think I'd open both hands against ok opponents but fold against good ones, but I might be opening o libertely from the SB.

    3.)Min 31:45: 76o left table: don't you think he'd bet Ax on that board? I see guys checking back Kx on these boards wuite a bit but most of them are betting Ax on the flop and then bet the turn to take a free SD.
    What do you think about betting the turn? He might fold a hand that now beats you like Kx.

    4.)Min 32:02: Q8o :
    you peel thr flop and whats your plan for future streets?are u thining about semibluffing the turn in case a 9,T or a diamond hits? or just keeping passive untill you improve?

    5.)Min 32:48: left table: how do you adapt to players like him. Especially against him I have trouble to play because he's so super loose and aggro; maybe it's just coz he hits pretty well against me but it still feels really hard to play against hiim...

    6.)Min 33:08: right table: why don't you c/r the flop with your gutter? you have quite a lot of fake out imo. Sure its a board that gets bluffed at alot but still it's also hard for him to play hands like Ax -Qx

    7.)Min 33:40: So what would be your line against a REG? b/ca the Turn and then call any non heart River?
  • Augepaul


    8.)Min 47:30:
    left table A8s: whats your coldcaling range here? I struggle alot with these kind of situations where you know the Openraiser and 3better are aggressive and you have a wuite nice hand but its not hat big of a favourite against teh ranges. However by coldcalling you make your exact hand pretty hard to play imo. Since you would have 3bet all really strong hands JJ+ AK+ maybe even 99+ And AQo+ not quite sure. and therefore you have alot of suited connectors and maybe 66-99 or sth in your range.
    In addition to that it got pretty common imo that in spots like that the original openraiser is capping nearly all of his hands that are somewhat good to make his hand easier to play since you plan or c/r ing a pretty high % of the flops and be puts you and the 3better in a tough spot. I can see BU fold a hand like QT or sth and I think its not bad, not sure if he should be peeling on that board tho.
    What are your thoughts on that?
    I'm also thinking about c/r the Turn, what about that? he might fold a PP like 88- JJ or fold AJ or AT on the river ui. since you would c/c c/r with Kx aswell I think a c/r on the Tunr might be good, especially knowing that ageron is highly aggressive!

    oh yeah and one general thing,what do you think about the situation in the US right now? Do you intend to move somewhere else? Since you said in the beginning you will be moving to texas i think...
  • johnnyrocket1


    fisher and panse, thanks

    markus, i'm not sure I understand what your comment meant. Thanks for the very kind words puc, I'll be back and strong, although the US gov't threw a hiccup at me to deal with, so now I have some more time off.
  • johnnyrocket1



    1)This a super easy raise for value if you want, I prefer to keep the pot smaller OOP and just c/r when I want, to each their own. I think raising is more standard here

    2)J5o and Q4o are the bottom of my ranges through empirical data, vs worse players I should open them. When I am rusty I will cut off the bottom of my ranges in spots because I know I am not playing them as well

    3)great point, i think he probably cbets Ax, but even if he doesn't, I think c/r'ing is a strong play, I think if I lead he will be suspicious a lot. I think a unique c/r is a good play here, although it is expensive at this pot size.
  • johnnyrocket1


    4) My Q8 beats almost every draw, so I am not semi bluffing, on bricks I may call down, if I pick up a draw it will make his hand or he will still have a hand, so I'd just peel again.

    5)tighten up ranges or see where he is giving up too much postflop and exploit it, when they are running hot there is not much you can do. If they play poorly postflop you can play the same range or even more some times profitably.
  • johnnyrocket1


    6) I can put him in a tough spot and it is the bottom of my range, this board is so coordinated that almost every hand is peeling and most are peeling the turn, either they pick up a draw or peel A-hi if a brick hits, I just think this texture should be avoided on c/r's vs people who ocall down light, good question though, I just hate it on this texxture

    7) sounds like a good line

    8) I'll get to the next time I'm on, just took me a while to look at the rest

    great thinking and thought process, insightful questions
  • flushtrain


    best FL coach for lowstakes ;)
  • Augepaul


    Thanks for the fast and helpful reply!
    Yeah ok. That makes sense. I like your reasoning and wil refer to that later on.

    2.) OK cool.

    3.) Yeah I actually like a c/r best, since you would c/r an A aswell I guess, since you'd reason, that he will fire a barrel on teh A no matter what his cards are and you won't get 3bet at all I guess. Additionally I think a Kx hand might bet for a free SD / Value after you check and fold to a c/r sinceit makes sense to c/r an A.

    4.)Yeah sure you beat all draws except for QT; my bad. But its pretty close on the Turn, The A doesn't change anything.The A hit your preceived range a bit and therefore strenghtens his bet a little bit but thats all. I played a bit with the equilab and got sth around 20% Equity against his range and your getting 6:1 with the chance to hit the nuts ( tho you might not get paid ) and have a chance to be still ahead.
    However a call on the Turn looks super weak imo, since you would raise a K sometimes and the straight and the A always imo since the board is so drawy.Dunno if that might be a peel.It's close.
  • Augepaul


    Yeah sure like I said im just not sure if he's running hot aginst me ( in which case there's not alot I can do) or if he just crushed me.
    Refering to Hand 1.) and keeping the pot small oop, what do you think about openlimping teh SB ( with a mixture of high little hands like Q4,K3 , 96s or A2) against those aggros in teh BB?
    There are a few merit to that imo:
    a) you keep the pot small and therefore make it less profitable for them to try to get you off the hand.
    b) their not used to openlimping from the SB from a REG and mostly if your not used to sth then its harder for you to adapt, tho that is probably only true for the first few times you openlimp
    c) your raises get "stronger" since your openlimping a few hands
    d) it might be easier for you to play againsnt them.
    e) we avoid having to play in a 3bet pot oop with a weakish hand and we don't loose alot of value since we are only slight favorurite at best.

    However to come back to where I struggle alot: After getting 3bet from one of these aggros, I find myself pretty often with a weaker hand on the turn and have a hard time to think about wheather to fold or call.But I think I just realised what my problem is :)
    do you c/r agsint these guys alot on the flop? I guess not. Since otherwise if you c/r the flop with your draws and most of your TP type hands, then it gets pretty transparent since have to peel alot of flops and therefore should c/c c/r with more of your hands aswell :D huh why didn't I realised that earlier...

    What do you think about capping against these guys,I think it gets mandatory to cap in case your applying a non 3betting strategy from the blinds; or 3bet/ cap lighter from the BB/ earlier Positions since their 3betting range is just so wide.

    Thats probably what you mean by "see where he is giving up too much postflop and exploit it".
    Hopefully thatsnot too much rumbling.

    6.) Yeah I your right. I dont try to get A high to fold on bricks, I was targeting hands like Kx,Qx and Tx and I didnt realisze that that board just hits his openraisingrange from teh BU pretty hard or that most of the hands I was targeting have some sort of draw or pair and therefore won't fold untill the River so I actually think a c/r is pretty bad, since I have to 3barrel pretty often and habe pnly about 25% Equity.
    What would you do with sth like 97? you still dont have any SD-Value but you have a bit more Equity and your pair outs might be good sometimes too.
  • elpsycho


    Hi, Johnnyrocket. I wanna ask you a question about TT hand that you played on 08:30
    Why call is better that cap in that spot, we have equity edge so do we really want CO to fold to our cap?
    Would you cap JJ, QQ here? more or less, it's the same situation with those hands.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    very very nice video, although I'm a little bit late, I really like the honesty with that you comment your hands and admitting mistakes, very nice.

    And of course very nice that you often mention what you would have done if this or that had happened.