MSS for Beginners - Part 3

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  • $10
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Gerv presents you a new MSS video series. Through reviewing the coaches and various users play you will learn the basics of midstacking and get an insight to the most typical errors you should avoid.


MSS for Beginners series User Session Review

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  • flo1980ak


    first hand hero is in MP1 so he hast to go all in.
    When he play with the SHC
  • M1rCea


    cool! Looking into it tomorrow
  • psyb69


    very good video, like the previous ones
    thanx alot man!
  • Gerv


    True but that doesn't void my explanation in terms of mathematics
  • mineriva



    I played without HUD because I understand this to be a beginner video staying to to the charts.

    Thank you about the 3bet size and turn betsize. I have already looked that this.

    The TJs hand I checked the river because I did not believe there was any worse hand that could call me. The showdown is my vindication.

    The KK hand where you told us that raising the flop is one of the worse plays. The SHC tells us to bet/raise with an overpair. Again the showdown is my vindication.
  • axeboy90


    Nice video!
  • Gerv


    What do you mean with ''is my vindication'' ?


    I think he raised with the Ks hand because he want to protect his hand against flush draw. In my opinion, players may dbet with flush draw.
  • foulkezboyz


    Lolled at the part about the hand over or you being 'mellowed out'.
  • foulkezboyz


    hang over*
  • M1rCea


    "You have the nuts you have to shove here you (bets 1/3 pot).. *lowered voice* what the hell are you..."

  • M1rCea


    Done watching the vid.
    Really interesting, cause in the previous 2 MSS vids u made, I think u kept 90% to the charts.

    But now, in the leakfinder there were so many spots where u advise playing different from the charts, like 3betting, betsizing, looser raising, bluffing.

    Where does a beginner start learning where to deviate?

  • roopopper


    mmm confusing we are getting conflicting info from the mss starting charts!! :-( I'm struggling to understand why you are deviating from the charts??
    I'm guessing you did not write these charts gerv!!! lol
  • roopopper


    I think mss needs more articles as from the shc to advanced play there is nothing so we are missing the point with some of your stuff gerv :-)
  • Gerv



    Well I could judge this video based on the SHC but that would make the video really boring. We had even less spots to talk about and I think the player in question should be ready for some more enhancements in his game.

    the first enhancements are always based on math & statistics as in the SSS.
  • roopopper


    Thanks Gerv now I'm starting to understand!! I was getting a bit confused because of this. By the way i'm hoping to have some coaching lessons off you within the next few weeks !!!
    Thanks again :-)
  • antstruk


    the pocket 10's hand was super spew... He open raised 12bb. At the micros a 12bb raise = the nuts. At BEST your a coin flip.
  • LetchLord


    Hey Gerv, I was wondering, regarding the first hand - AKs (minute 7:20). Don't we need to add the blinds to the estimated pot size? This way we'll have $4.45 pot size, which lowers the equity we need by around 1%. Please let me know if I got it wrong.
  • Gerv


    Yes but you also have to calculate the rake so for simplicity sake I just see blinds = rake tho rake is going to be >blinds for sure
  • LetchLord


    Thanks for the quick reply :)
  • DestinationAnywhere


    Good job!
    After I watched the previous two I made a good run on the tables,then some buy-ins down.Now I finished watching this and a good comeback :))
    The 3 bet sizing, the cbet sizing and the PRF raise showed in this video are working for me!
    Please continue making MSS videos & more leafkfinders - they are great!
  • BadeaCelRau


    Wow, awesome video, I learned so much from it!

    One question : At that hand when hero had KK and the board was TT3, what is the desired line? call and then check/calling and trying to get it allin on the river?
  • HighRoller08


    I've been looking forward to such videos for a while. There are many hands where Gerv's approach is a bit more advanced than the material for bronze status members.

    People should understand that their goal should be to learn how to play their opponents. The basic hand chart is a great help to learn the basics of MSS (as it's name says) and know your range in different positions.
  • padrezulmiro


    Hey Gerv, I've watched video and I was wondering about the Q8o

    You said that that was a nice spot to raise because he snap-checked oop right?

    so he'd only call with Kx or flush draw you re saying right?

    Do you think he'd fold with other hands like you're saying? Do we have enough equity for that raise?

    and another question, lets see if got it right? you re supposing he has other cards basing on the fact that he limped preF right?

  • Gerv


    #24 & #22

    Possible one can post timestamps as I have to cruise through the whole vid to get to you which takes a lot of time as you know
    Thanks in advance!
  • FR3STYL3


    just wanna say i think all your vids are excellent! has helped me alot have played 3 years in no-limit poker now but still need to learn alot! u have helped me even more ty gerv :)