MSS Winner Part 1

  • NL MSS
  • NL MSS
  • $5
  • Fullring
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MSS Winner shows you how to successfully play MSS. Part 1 starts with the basic concepts for MSS play.


mss winner series

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  • Pascal


    Enjoy the video and please keep comments in English!
  • andi2k3


    very nice video, good explanations, keep it up!
  • roopopper


    Great stuff This vid just made me realise I have been making mistakes on my resteals!! thanks!! :-)

  • Agiz19


    love the song :D
  • biogas


    Wonder about JJ hand in the beginning: the basic chart tells c-bet trash against 1 player on dry board. But it was check fold. Any comments on that line?
  • redkillaa


    great vid! i always think thats Phill Gordon playing :P
  • roopopper


    Biogas I think it was a drawy board? which would make it trash and a check/fold I think he played it correct if we are on the same hand? was it with a k9c ?
    The strangest play I saw was 3 betting two utg raises with ak!
    Its good to see the coaches are only human too!!!:-) lol
  • kriis2489


    OR 3BB ?
  • TomasSan


    Very nice video! and the bottom right monkey player dead calling all in with 54...omg this is always so familiar :D
  • philgo


    epic intro, thanks for the video!
  • marlonmlk


    Agreed with #5

    I always cbet in HU. C'mon, we only hit the flop 5%. Even if the board is drawey. Well, we can represent a flush draw or top pair with position.

    That check for me is just wrong.

    If the villain knows we are tight, we can easily be exploited by air on this spot.

    If I get called, probably I have a free card on turn. If we don't improve on river, or the villain re-raise, I just give up my hand.

    Anyway, that check for me is SO wrong. lol. But that's just my opinion.
  • Demetrijus


    Great video! Many good points here.
  • vuckom1


    When we are on SB and someone OR in LP, do we look at 3 betting or steal/resteal chart? That KQ hand on SB got me confused. Thanks!
  • KingKlaas


    yes, i have the same problem with that hand. It's not in both charts. On the other hand vs a button steal i think it's a good resteal hand.
    On the jj hand i would c-bet on that board because it is not superdrawy ( only a flush and inside straight draws) The postflop chart suggests the same imo. The article says about drawy boards: 3 connecting cards, 3 of the same suits or 2 of the same suit and 2 connecting. The board is not in one of that categories so i would c-bet.
  • ormusJ


    16:28 - Sorry Subar, but there's no KQ in resteal chart.Could you better describe how you defend SB vs steal,what kind of hands you use, because the article talks only about BB defendig.

  • ormusJ


    32:49 - Why are you 3beting with AKo?3beting chart talks about raiser's position, not yours...!And you have extremly easy situation(and pretty big stack which you want to protect from time to time;) so: PFR on EP + call on EP = FOLD.

  • ormusJ


    33:57 - the same.Of course you are advanced player and you know what you are doing, however you claim you based on I'm writing that it's almost;)
  • Pascal


    Hi ormusJ,

    you are right he missed the chart on some spots. Especially when you are an experienced player it is sometimes hard to break with your usual patterns ;-)
    And against loose opponents it is fine to raise here. However unknown NL2 or NL5 villian in early position is rather tight so it is on average better to stick to the chart.


  • kari9


    great video this will help me a lot, article is one thing but video where you show it in practice that is great
  • Merfinder


    Why did you fold @ 17:20 , 3bettingchart tells us to 3bet a raise from MP with 99+ ...
  • Merfinder


    same goes for 19:25 , why didnt you reraise + 60cents with A10s ? the chart tells us so
  • ULISES21


    That's a joke ?

    your vpip/prf/3bet is ridiculous low

    If you are in BB I steal and steal one and other time, your blind defense is near to null.

    You NSDW down to infinite.
  • szoketomi


    I also thought Phil Gordon is playin'.. By the way "BSS rulez".. Funny :) Good vid.
  • samson11


    Great voice! And I really enjoyed the video Subar, hope you make more videos for beginners.
  • nathanrenard


    At 16:00 we see STEAL on the charts, but not RESTEAL from SB.

    Can we use the whole steal range for it?
  • DYSKO777


    You resteal with KQs.....v. B raise

    and and 3bet on B v. utg raise..but these are not in the chart..could u explain please why u deviate here..thx
  • p0rkus


    Regarding all the questions about deviations from the chart -

    Subar: I made a couple of mistakes when trying to follow the charts, it was hard to get used to playing so tight as it isn't my style.

    As a beginner you should stick to the charts. When you improve you will know when and why you can deviate from the beginner strategy.
  • queenofdimonds


    you played tighter than the chart
  • fishlock


    good vid, still learning mss made things clearer
  • mamutki


    41:20 Why all-in with AJs? In the table, how to play after the flop with top pair should play BET/FOLD.
  • fesch03


    This video would have been perfect if you had stuck to the chart as you said in the beginning of the playing part. Im not saying its wrong what you did but its confusing for beginners. Nonetheless a very entertaining video. Your voice reminds me of Stewie Griffin :P.
  • dimateo01


    with a starting chart like this youre a super nit with 8/7
  • lordoog


  • Thypo


    Thanks, still useful although the video is already quite old :)