NL400-NL600 MSS with ArhAngel

  • NL MSS
  • NL MSS
  • $400 - $600
  • Shorthanded
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From Russia with love. Arhangel29R gives you an inside on MSS SH action on higher limits.


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  • Pascal


    Enjoy the video and please keep comments in English!
  • kazediel


    Overall, playing MSS: Why not to still open 2.5 bbs from UTG and MP? Our range still isn't that wide,so opening "Big" gives us a smaller SPR where many regs still play badly and we don't give that good odds when we're almost always gonna play OOP

    Min 17:00 KT Why playing check/call flop? If he is a regular, he shouls know that you'd always bet an Axx board wether you have something or not. An playing check/call puts your hand face-up if he thinks aa little. So I'd definitely bet that Axx hoping to extract value on the turn from floats, some FDs, and at the same time, we wouldn't polarize our Cbets on those boards to TP or nothing

    Min 27:30 The Squeeze With AK. We have a ¿30 bbs? Stack and we face a 3bb OR and a call, here I think it's best to just Shove our hand. In NLHE 30 to 36 bbs it's the perfect stack for squeezeing and we should be doing it a lot when we have that stack. So since we're gonna do it a lot we're gonna have a wide range, which prefires to shove and maximise FE because we DON'T want to be called. Squeezeing to about 40% of our stack is fine when there is a fish in the hand, but otherwise, a shove preflop it's usually better IMHO

    Min 30:00 AJ vs. fish. Thought about minbetting 4 bluffinduce? We want to go AI against him with TPTK, and since we're not gonna do it without overbetting, we might want to check this out. And after all, he is a fish, he might turn a SD value hand into a bluff, nobody know why, but they sometimes do.

    39:30 3bet with QJs I don't like either the size nor the 3bet we can still 3bet to 50-52$ without giving him the odds to call, specially OOP. We have more than 50 bbs, so I don't think it's bad either. Still, with 3 players behind, being the 3 of them regulars (2 of them good regulars) which can cold 4bet us out.
  • kazediel


    42:00 AT, we get 3-betted with an effective stack of 37,5 bbs and we CALL BECAUSE WE ARE IP????? If we were going to play call for making a delayed 4bet that's fine, but then we should've checked out his Cbet and his Fold cbet to raise % before calling preflop. We're gonna be on a SPR 3 pot where possition is worthless almost. So we just can't call preflop without having a plan for most flops. And if we're not gonna shove a Kxx board, then it's a fold preflop. If we're calling it's because we though his range was too wide/polarized, and that's a perfect flop for punishing that fact, despite we don't have AK, but we can have KQ,KJ,KTs sometimes. Of course if we're raising, our sizing has to be All-in.

    44:40 Facepalm

    Still, is good to (finally) see something for us MSS players. Thanks and GL!
  • p0rkus


    44:40 was a joke :)
  • p0rkus


    Well it was a semi-joke :P
  • ArhAngel29R


    wow. Was surprised. Glad to see translation of my video! Cool level of language!!!
    Have a question. Should I answer to all comments here?
    Dont want to do it) Because most of them should be wide and also I think that I cant explain some ideas to kazediel.
  • kazediel


  • p0rkus


    It would be nice if you could answer some questions / respond to some comments - you could probably write your answer in Russian and I will translate if you want
  • ArhAngel29R


    ок. Спасиб за помощь.
    Насчет сайзинга. Мне достаточно открываться 2бб, чтобы войти в оллин; оппоненты очень часто в позиции не заходят. Не вижу смысла что-то менять.
    1) КТ. чек-колл. Дело баланса. Можно ставить Кбт, можно чекать. Обе линии можно хорошо сбалансировать, четкого ответа как в такой ситуации играть нету.
    2) Пушить можно конечно. Но я и так 3бетом замазался, без разницы как тут сделать. Нормальный рег никогда почти не заколирует такой сайзинг. Заколировал слыбый фишерег. Из-за него и нормальный рег подбил.
    3) Не очень понял о какой раздаче речь =)
    4) QJs. Пусть коллирует 3бет, будем играть с неплохой рукой постфлоп.
    5) Попробуй перечислить руки, которые ты будешь играть коллом в таком стеке в позиции? Думаю, что их получиться мало. Играя коллом в позиции - мы становимся неудобным оппонентом и нас чуть реже будут 3бетить. Почему флоп не супер, чтоб продолжить, я сказал.

    В принципе, что мог сказал.
  • p0rkus


    Thanks for your help.
    K so, about bet-sizing - I only need to open 2BB in order to go AI, the opponents don't like to call in position and therefore I don't see any point in changing anything.

    1) KT Check/Call - It's a matter of balance, you can cbet or you can check. It's possible to balance both lines very well - there is no one way to play in this spot.

    2) Sure you can shove, but I'm pot commited with a 3bet anyway so it doesn't really matter. A good regular will almost never call when the bet is this size. A weak fish-reg called and because of that a good regular also joined in.

    3) I didn't really get which hand you were talking about =)

    4) QJs. Fine, let him call the 3bet, we will have a nice hand postflop

    5) Try and list all the hands that you would call with in position with this stack size. There probably won't be a lot. By calling IP people will 3bet us less since it isn't going to be very easy playing against us. Finally, I already said why the flop wasn't great to continue on.

    Hope that helps.
  • souljaah


    one of the best videos lately. great work.
  • oskrgy


    In min 6:10 why dont you check raise the FLOP instead of check Call with a MIDDLE PAIR and FLUSH BACK DOOR? there are a lot of card you don want to see in the turn
  • oskrgy


    with the hand of A9
  • ArhAngel29R


    #12 My equity is too small compared with the range of call/raise of opponent. And the hand is rather good => dont want to use it like a semibluff.
  • vesuvan


    Great video, thanks
  • cruz201



    When you gonna 3bet your AK on sb you will be isolated on strong range like 99+, AK+? At those moment we have 44% equity. So better is make a 3bet and have a something like coin flip or playing OOP?
  • RomanRomeo


    nice vid
  • PilsenBoY


    Nice video!
    Where you get that table theme? Thx
  • NSMS21


    At the fact that were bet folding this turn, make it a better spot to chcall?