NL$25 pot contol vs. protection

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Fullring
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What is pot control? What is protection? And why do you have to choose one of this lines on certain flops? Hasenbraten will show you some special and interesting spots in this video and how to play way ahead/way behind.


pot control protection Session Review

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  • xredsparrowx


    wow! this one is really nice, thank you a a lot!
  • dallievas


    Thank you ,very useful video.I`m loking forward for new one
  • vldmrs


    nice one :) useful
  • TimothyVdp1


    very nice video,
    imo, it explains the basics of post flop play and is extremely usefull for beginners/people who used to play SSS
    keep 'em coming ;)
  • 098799


    were you shuffling the chips while recording this video? :)
  • realtarragona


  • tocuws


    Thanks a lot for making these videos!

    I've found them all very helpful indeed, and I hope you're planning on especially making more FR session reviews.

  • mitchbeach


    Very good, thank you...
  • ditou26


    very nice
  • mouse89


  • geegame


    dude you really rock this improve alot my game !
  • luxurious88


    good video! hoping to implement it to my game and take my play to the next level. thanks man =)
  • SheepMoose


    What would you do with something like KK on a Qs/X/9s board out of position against an opponent who loves to float?

    I've been trying to use the whole protection/pot control thing but can't seem to make a profit in most of these situations.
  • nacl


    very nice video. Good spots
  • Jhanr


    Muy buen video, justo en esto es donde a veces fallo, muchas veces por no hacer pot control me sacan la caja AA o KK cuando facilmente nos podemos ahorrar la mitad de ella
  • msampi


    Que buen video!! XD! Muy recomendable.........De todas formas no se comentaron muchas situaciones decir....cuando se completaba el color en el turn, nosotros teníamos el draw al mejor color. Entonces la opción pot control era más clara. Me pareció que el dijo que en caso de no tener un draw (osea no tener cartas del palo del draw) era recomendable jugar bet/fold. Pero estaría bueno ver más ejemplos y con botes multiplayers!

    Nice Video! Great Job ;)
  • woopstash


    Great video. thanks
  • Dzianis79


    чуваку надо научится разыгрывать сеты(55) а не вытавлять видио с фишивым розыгрышем сета.
  • strannikspb


    №1, не умеешь играть - зачем позориться?
  • TheMentalist7


    Thx to Hasenbraten and! :)
  • Harnas31


    thx great vid
    Could you do vid protection or value betting vs deception ?