How to do a session review

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In this video Bogdan shows you how he reviews his sessions to eliminate mistakes and improve his game.


Session Review thematic video

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  • Pascal


    Enjoy and please keep comments in English!
  • BogdanPS


    I'd like to add that there are many ways in which someone can review their own game and this is a method that I found most useful when you have a fair amount of time available. It also improves your note taking ability and ability to pay attention to details. This will lead to you being able to make better decisions at the tables.

    Other methods (as mentioned in the video) for a session review would be:
    A) Marking hands during the session and then reviewing them after (using whatever outside tools necessary such as Stove, Equilator, Flopzilla, etc.)
    B) Sorting by biggest pots won/lost (BB wise) and doing the same as in A
    C) Recording yourself play and then watching/analyzing the video.
  • split1979


    i like this video....i hope that improve my game.
    sugestion : make a video using (how to use) mtracker software anda how to make a session review with limit time.
    you always review your session?? all session??

  • diutza


    Very good video, a different approach.

    U probably note to many informations, but some of them are gold.

    Session reviews like that are probably necessary for the higher limits, but also help any limit and can help you understand and beat almost any type of player.

    This video is a must see !
  • BogdanPS


    @split: I have only used Camtasia for recording videos and I am not familiar with mtracker.
    I try to review most of my sessions if not all.
    I also do what I call a milestone review every X weeks, Y hands, etc. (whenever I feel it's necessary). These reviews are generally longer and involve more hands and thus HEM filters are necessary. I hope to capture some of these methods in the next videos that I will do with fellow PS members.

    @diutza: Thank you.
    I did write down perhaps a bit more than "normal" but when it comes to note taking and trying to improve your approach to it and your game I feel it's never too much. If you feel the note can make an impact write away or can help you make a better read later on then I say it's a must to take it.

    While I agree that at higher limits they tend to help more (one reason could be that the players are better and fewer and thus it's more important to have valuable notes/reads on them) I also feel that starting early has very big benefits such as:
    - getting you into a routine
    - improving the way you analyze your game so when you reach higher limits you don't have to learn it form scratch
    - improving your game (and how much it depends a lot on how you review and how much you put into it)
    - improving your understanding of how other players play
  • Gantoris


    What was the outcome of the last hand? (QJs)
  • kiromanAAKK


    That's just what's needed more. Thank you very much for the video and hope to see (as u said) more on this topic.

    Also, in the future, may we have a more wise type of analysis eg., with the consult of poker tools like Equilab (or Pokerstove, Flopzilla, etc.) and maybe enlarge our anlysis to different aspect like hand range reading threw combinatorics, deep calculation of EV from different angle (like for example, the Expectetion Value compare to the EV token out Odds, etc.

    Finally, great video! TY
  • Falagar


    Very good video. Usefull in many ways.
  • Devinco


    I think youre spending lots of time in taking notes on fishes, which is not necessary that much in my opinion, becauese mostly you will never ever see them again. I would prefer seeing a video where youre concentrating on regulars more.

    Anyways, nice video.
  • split1979


    i wrote bad mtracker....i mean software tracker like poker tracker or holdem manager.
    i hope to see more videos:)

  • BogdanPS


    @Gantoris: I thought I showed it but I guess I didn't. Villain called and showed AT I believe (and we won the pot).

    @Kiroman: We will definitely keep that in mind and do something like that.

    @Falagar: Thank you

    @Devinco: While it's not necessary to spend time on fish I believe it is still rewarding in it's own way. Some fish will play again so the bonus is gained right there however I feel the biggest advantage comes from being able to see how most fish play and thus getting a better understanding on how to play versus them as a group.

    Review of a regular or group of regulars is also something I do at times. To be able to get better notes/info on regulars you do need a bigger sample size (on average) and thus it's not always available.

    @Split: Ah I understand now. What would you consider limited time? 15-30 minutes? Less than an hour?
    For limited time I recommend either reviewing hands you've marked OR sorting by biggest pots and reviewing those hands (above X BBs like pots above 50 BBs, 30 BBs, etc.)
  • StaticMoth


    You end up having a HUGE pile of dense text/notes on fish u have only 22 hand sample on etc ... so I can only imagine the amount of notes you collect on ppl u have a solid sample on.

    How do you find the time to navigate through all that during a hand and find the intel you need to make the best decisions?!
  • BogdanPS


    If one waits to reads the notes/information on certain villains until an important hand (or specific street) comes up it's most likely too late as you won't have enough time to read, process and react.

    So normally I try to do my best to read/prepare all the notes/information on villains during any down time at the tables so by the time important hands come up I have a fair idea how villain X plays.
  • StaticMoth


    Yup, sounds good :)
  • raily


    video doesn't play after pokerstrategy logo intro. screen stays black, no sound, no controls. anyone else?
  • BogdanPS


    I just tested the video and it loads fine for me.
  • Bburaurl


    Hi! THanks much for the advice, I really seek for ways of improving my skill and for now the best thing that has come to my mind is posting nearly all hands where I saw flop.

    I'll definetely rewatch this video once again a bit later.
  • donkeyshot


    Good vid. Thx.
    I'm going over my session in a simular way but definatly learned something from your approach.
    One thing I do sometimes is reviewing older sessions (or new ones where I missed hands opponents played vs. eachother)and hidding the opponents known hole cards to pratice handreading/assinging ranges. Like this I also get a better unbiased idea if I made the optimal play vs. their range rather then vs. their holecards. I also get to see if my assumptions about their range was correct.
  • MKmaxx


    "we will finish this table up and call it a video" :D nice man! i like your way of analyzing spots keep up the good work
  • mongomob


    Great video and inisgt into session reveiwing, thank you verry much Bogdan. i moved up limits last night, and i went great, and today im doing my first session reveiw. and this video helped me LOADS on how to get started =)
  • JeanRabelo


    Can't u make the video any louder? I hardly can listen to it lol...
  • JeanRabelo


    Nevermind just corrected it now ...


    very good video thank you


    this is probably a stupid question, but how to u use the notes u make on holdem manager when u play online realtime isn't it on the poker site that u see notes or can u somehow tranfer notes to the site from holdem manager
  • hardo


    great video!Thank you
  • hardo


    great video!thank you
  • BogdanPS



    You normally have a small box next to the stats on which you can click to reveal all the notes you have. You can always copy the notes from there to the site you play on.
  • Voland3


    Great videp. Thanks Bogdan.
    I learnt several note taking features, and the fact that, session review by table - is more useful, than just every hand...
  • KKNgroup


    I decided to return to basics, and start to rebuild my game. And this video is first I chose. Thanks Bogdan!