MSS for Beginners - Part 4

  • NL MSS
  • NL MSS
  • $2
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Gerv presents you a new MSS video series. Through reviewing the coaches and various users play you will learn the basics of midstacking and get an insight to the most typical errors you should avoid.


MSS for Beginners series User Session Review

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  • Toxicgod


    I am very curious. Going to watch it now!! :D
  • Toxicgod


    Watched the entire vid. Thanks for the advices.

    I will try to adjust my betsizes and I will try to open more loose. So I will read and study the advaced MSS guides.

  • robinx65


    very intressting,thanks special the betsizes
  • Gerv


    Don't hesitate to write a comment or ask questions :) !
  • Merfinder


    great vid , but would be even greater to have some silver-content , which teaches us how to loose up.
    its really hard to get gold with beginner-content
  • M1rCea


    what #5 said

    Really liked ur series gerv, u have a cool style.

    i didnt really get when to apply the more advanced stuff u talked about in this and the previous leakfinder, so expanding on that would be awesome

    Looking forward to next vids

    Peace !
  • Gerv


    Thanks guys, yes it is pretty hard to illustrate what I mean rather than ''he can raise KJo here''

    I will be doing the cBet video first and then evaluate with the Content manager if we can make some more MSS vids

    Good luck on the tables!
  • BadeaCelRau


    In the video you said hero is 3betting 1-2bb more than he should because people don't call MSSers much but how should I adjust when in the blinds and have to reraise AK,AQ,AJ but villain often calls stupid hands like 99, TT, JJ. Postflop I cbet and many times they would raise/call allins with 2nd pair. Bet more or bet less?
  • andertos


  • andertos


    молодцы американцы
  • enemaze


    Great video! Really good for those that want to start improving and evolving their game from SHC. I feel im at this point more or less so took a lot in from this video.
  • simson500


    That is really a great guide for beginners. I have already played some multi tables, but I still learned a lot here.