Micro Surgery - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.50/$1
  • Shorthanded
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Boomer starts his new series to aid microstakes players in moving up the limits. He will focus on how to avoid common mistakes and how to extract the most money from your opponents.


Micro Surgery series theoryvideo

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  • XandreW36


    1st...Nice work, as always...
  • Waiboy


    I possibly require a full frontal lobotomy, but looking forward to the series in any case!
  • Pikfrik


    u rock man ! really nice work...
  • emotv


    Boomer is great, i love his videos.

    about winrate, i don't consider 0,5-1 or 1-2 as micro limit. I think micro limits ends up at 0,25-0,50.

    * Now a days 2bb/100 is very hard to make it even on 0,5-1 sh fixed. Harder in FL games at 0,5-1. Nearlly impossiable at 1-2 FL. Most regs are playing for supernova bonuses or rakebacks.

    * In PTR charts most of the low limit players are most winners are (1-2) 0,50/100. I think the most profitable limit is 0,25-0,50 in FL, where u can find regs more making more than 2bb/100.

    about the video,

    * Boomer change my way of thinking at sh games. I would love to see some Full Ring too.

    * I like the idea of breaking the rules and looking forward to learn them.

    keep up the good work and thanx for video.
  • Boomer2k10


    I think 0.5/1 can be considered the last of the micro-limits with 1/2 being the stepping stone to small stakes

    Bascially any advice that I give relating to 0.5/1 will be applicable at 0.25/0.5

    You're right that very few players can acheive 2BB/100 nowadays even at micros but PTR isn't the best indicator due to the fact that if someone has beaten 0.5/1 or 1/2 for 3BB/100 etc over any kind of sample, they've moved on and up already so it will be very rare to find someone winning at 1 stakes at a high winrate for a long period of time with any kind of certainty, it's also why it's very rare to encounter good LAGTAGs at 0.5/1 and 1/2, they should have moved on.

    I'm not a FR guru by any means and would probably play a little too loose for FR but I may produce something in the future on it if there's enough interest...even if it's just Game Creating at FR games and abusing our SH advantage.

    Thanks very much for your comments guys, it's always appreciated.
  • Heffron89


    PTR is by far not accurate at all, infacft it shows my friend as losing like 1-2k when he is up alot lol...
  • datsmahname


    ... this video starts off with a long introduction, but i can't imagine why since the whole entire video turns out to be an introduction to the series. Fractal Explanation, Ad Nauseum.


    I am EXTREMELY interested to learn the required material I'll need for low-midstakes, but this videos makes me bleed at the eyesockets.
  • Boomer2k10


    hi datsmahname

    I apologise if you didn't think there was anything you could get out of the video but I felt an overview was necessary as I needed to make sure this was seen as a series not a collection of stand-alones.

    Additionally there are a couple of "general" tips I wanted to get out there immediately rather than dedicate entire videos to them which could have been used on something more relevant, i.e. "The rake is high at micros..well duh..but it is something that needs saying as not everyone is familiar with this concept...I've even had questions regarding rake asked of me from 10/20 regs in the past so for guys just starting out it may not be something they're aware of but doesn't need an epsiode of be breaking down how I came to 4BB/100 for rake"

    Episode 2 is a live play vid though, one of the first sessions I played on this project so hopefully you'll find it more to your liking although I do get out of line for micros a couple of times and pull myself up on it. You may get a little more from the theory-sided vids I intend to do on certain spots.

    Sorry for the haemolacria :(
  • datsmahname


    Thanks for the reply. I know negative criticism is difficult. Looking forward to watching your 2nd video in a few moments.
  • Harnas31


    Good intro, I am ready to see more
  • thebatsman


    Going to video 2 now TY
  • ZeroDegrees


    Thx Boomer, really valuable to me! Ur so right about a flexible attitude towards limits (brm), games and players. To adapt to a table is when the playing begins. That's what Im trying to learn now. Mostly Ive just pushed buttons b4, simply multitable grinding. A suggestion to all players about the rake: forget it! Nothing to do about. If I would think about rake I wouldnt be able to play at all. Focus on the play instead. Just a tip in case someone needs it.
  • Bookie22


    Well I am certainly happy I joined the forum and that this was my first silver video that I watched.

    I will most defintely be watching the complete series before anything else as despite the rather negetive comment from dats' ( I think he was watching something different or didn't spot 'Micro' in the series title) this has been a great progression from reading the bronze articles.

    I completely agree with ZeroDegrees about your stance to having a 'flexible attitude' and can already see gaping holes in my game courtesy of HM2, that I have worked on in tonights' games and feeling a lot more confident already. Perhaps prematurely :)

    Really well presented, which made it easy to take concise notes.