Five Star General - Part 13

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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ge5sterne continues his series "Five Star General" in which he reviews fellow PokerStrategist´s play. In this episode hero is bulgarian coach, Vic, who visited us here at the pokerstrategy headquarters.


Five Star General FullTilt series User Session Review

Comments (19)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • IIstylesII


    Very nice Vid thx
  • SimplePlan


    liked ur layout vic, do u can upload it?
  • BattleHunter


    to be honest I have absolutely no idea, it was the default layout on the computer I was provided to use for the recording. I will try to ask around and see if someone from the office will know :)
  • iPerform


    51:46 "And he folded I assume?"
    "Nah, he had a flush..."
    "Oh, good for him"

    Great vid, very informative! 5 stars
  • Bingo


    at min 10 you analyze your j9 hand and do not follow the big action the fish gives with AQo preflop allin vs ?!? :(
  • leonardotreviso


    better coaching in 2 :) appreciated.
    just tell me: why statistics do not appear?
  • sliumpupumpu


    Bad video.. no winnigs, more loosings.. Talking almost makes no sence. Better mute and to see hands. Always folding on check raise. "oh he has beat me"
  • sootedAs


    Great job guys, definitely gonna watchi it a couple of times more.

    And the weather home IS good :D

  • ASplayer9119


    Please, give me this layout....i want it very much!!!
  • Jitroceler


    Nice vid. Thx
  • sausage646


    What about KsJs at 32:00
    limpers range : 99,ATs,KTs+,QTs+,J9s+,T8s+,8d7d,7d6d,6d5d,ATo,KTo+,QTo+,J9o+,T8o+ - 61.25 %
    JsKs - 38.75 %
    pot 30,45 + 14.5 = 44.95
    14.5/44.95 = ~ 32 % equatiy needed..
    So a call?
  • ge5sterne


    @12: The guy limps and coldcalls our 3bet against another Villians Isoraise. His range will be fairly strong in this spot and I wouldn't include hands like AT or 6d5d and such. I thin the loosest range he can show up here with is something like 99,JJ,QQ+,QJs,J9s,Q9s,KTs,AQ,KQ,AdTd,AdKd against which we have 27,5% equity. It could also be a bit tighter Preflop and look something like 99,JJ,QQ+,QJs,AQ,KQs,AdTd,AdKd against which we have 29% Equity and should still be folding imho
  • sausage646


  • tchsy123456


    I sea some 3-BET out of position with the hand like Q10s,910s against late position steal and we have no read.

    Your reason is "It is too strong to fold,and we can't call"?

    It looks like doesn't make sence.

    23:00 AJs .I agree that was set a lot of time after the action on the river.
    But on the flop ,I think his donk range incluld some suitedconnecters which our draw had them crushed,some 10X ,7x.So i do like raise-allin AJ hear,even our equity is not favour against his allin range.Because he still not folding big draw,and we have a lots fold equity against made hand.Anyway ,call in position is fine.
  • valik1


    im sorry, but wots the profit??
    i estimate u had some manus $ in this session!!
  • tiego69


    pity we couldn t see player'stats, thanks so much for all these interesting series Herr General, keep feeding us with vids like these!!
    thank u too vicNQ, very impressive considering how late u came to poker
  • vibreaza


    not that a great of a play. From the abuser u got somehow abused :)
    Not an expert myself also, but at a moment you just lost it.
    Alot of hands which shouldn't be 3b vs utg, also, 3bting nicee hands in blinds vs late p, which got lots of folds, also didn't like the calls with small pp vs shorties.

    Another thing u talked about having a plan, tho in several spots you simply called flops (inc. with pp) knowing that any turn will eventually bring an overcard, and u were very likely to xfold. So where's the plan?

    And a few more spots that made this video not that much enjoyable (though u started out fine).
    And at @ge5sterne, I think you're an awesome coach, though sometime you should criticize more (constructively).
  • Zakumii


    Everyone talking about him not making profit I mean you will not make profit every session, sometimes you make plays and you do not hit, and your opponents hit there is nothing you can do other than fold unless you like spewing your money away.

    The funniest was the fish in the bottom left spewing away $200 dollars in about 5 mins on tilt, and one guy at the table types into chat "that's unfair", because he wasn't getting any of the action.

    Then the table to the fishes left opens up and he immediately leaves and comes back to take position on him lol. I was shouting for Vic to take the seat!!

    Vic I really like your thought processes very chilled and laid back video, ge5sterne as always mate loved the video. Keep up the great work and please make more live ones like this:)