New Perspectives - Part 1

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  • SNG
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In his new series lessthanthreee reviews some SNGs he played with pokerstrategy members, who shared their hand histories, letting our coach analyse each situation from multiple perspectives.


FullTilt hand history review New Perspectives series

Comments (21)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • elliwzs


    great video
  • Hlynkinn


    not isolating the AJo looks like a leak I got... Nice video :)

    I'm fine with my decision not to resteal in the KJs spot tho.. knowing your exact range makes it a slightly +ev push... But we don't have that much history together and I'm thinking your used to more loose resteals on the higher stakes so I'm not sure how much credit you'll give my resteal.. although I'm putting you on pretty much the same opening range..
    But once I add AJs and 88 to your calling range a push becomes pretty bad... and I think there is like no possibility you'll stack tighter than AQ+ 99+ so push is at best slightly
    +ev.. but when I start adding some hands it becomes bad.. so I'm happy how I played the hand.. but knowing your exact range restealing is fine of course :D
  • santostr


    Great video format. Invite me next time :)

    I mean, this is better than Unam all hands, cause these are real games. 3-4 regs on the table and unknowns...
    And 3 hands to talk about.

  • pokerski


    Such a great system for the video. Three players HH and much going on. Pure joy!
  • Mark47



    About 4 min Video.

    First time your wrote:
    "You should register to see full video.
    I did register.
    Now you write:
    "To watch the entire video you'll need a higher status ...etc."

    Are you kidding?
    Or it is fraud ?

  • goldchess


    32:14 Comments on the possible K9s shove for Hlynkinn? Shoving would be my default there.
  • goldchess


    51:15 Air Wesley's call with A2o looks very bad with us shoving nash of about 80% iirc, and
    54:14 LgWz's call with A6o also seems pretty -$EV, even with the big stack shoving ATC
  • lessthanthreee



    K9s is close. I think you can take a shove there, but I wouldnt go any wider for 7bbs.

    Yeah the A2o is weird, It looks like A4o is only (approx) -0.28 while A2o is -0.7. We can definitely take a negative edge in his position as the shortest stack against a wide BTN range. But i think -0.7 is too big, but its not as bad as you think. Its marginal.

    A6o is fine, its a small negative edge (approx -0.2), but we are the shortest and we are ITM against a loose range.

    Make sure you adjust the overcalls and situations where 'hero folds' in wiz to get an accurate answer.
  • Tim64


    12:00 seems like you are saying you already planned to bet/call this flop, discussing your Cbet size.
    14:30 dont really like the idea of intentionally going up against a decent reg with a hand that is dominated by his opening range. Ofc, we can stack him on the right boards but it wont be straightforward. He knows you are not calling with air and not going broke light post. So the idea that he just plays super predictable that allows you to play perfectly is overoptimistic. Eg. On high board you say if he is not dbl barreling you can try to take it away. Its Quite speculative to call pre and on the flop just to find out whether he double barrels this specific board. Wondering whether we should rather choose a bad reg or fish to call in this spot?
  • Tim64


    23:00 J3o Think its much more likely he folds air when you shove. He isnt hero-folding 77 here, but more likely isnt raising your donk either with that hand (even if he is aggressive). I think calling his raise is better because his raising range is more greatly weighted to air and checking turn to him may incline him to bet one more time. If turn goes check/check, we can lead river to get calls from his pairs
  • Tim64


    gr8 stuff, thanks!
  • Hlynkinn


    12:00 we are always bet/getting it in... we need to have a read he only shoves two pairs and sets to be able to bet/fold... and that is never happening..
  • lessthanthreee



    yeah the ATs I definitely was bet/calling (or i should be). my explanation was a bit muddled in the video.

    Like I said in the vid, this spot at t50 isnt good for it because we arent really deep enough. But its something to think about for the early stages. I dont think you should be looking to get into those spots at every opportunity. But I do think there is some merit in taking a speculative play against a good or bad reg who you play with often, it creates looser early game meta and you can really get some guys to spew off and go on monkey-tilt on all of their tables. I havent done any lengthy math on the EV, its pretty hard to quantify and its very opponent dependent.

    J3o - upon review, i completely agree. You can tell by my analysis in the video that I wasnt 100% happy with how I played it.
  • hypertyper


    Very good video! Love the format, analysis, everything. Also a native English speaker. hoooray ;)
  • stevegold87


    I like how you were so sure at the end that deathwish had QQ+, very nice. I guess without stats it's harder to see. Good video
  • zaboo


    9:50 if you bet here I think you got to call even if he has very small amount of draws in his range and mostly Kx, because vs Kx only you got coinflip... and you got odds something like 2300 to 900 so 2.6 to 1 and you need 40% equity.
    I checked in equilator that vs K2s+, K2o+ only you got 43,5% equity.
  • lessthanthreee



    yes i agree its a bet/call.
  • LoveAndHarmony


    16:50 You say you can't reshove 88 in that spot due to the awkward stacksizes as it would be an overshove.

    17:50 You say you would be hesitant opening KTo against regulars because it would be a decent stack setup for them to reshove pretty wide.

    To me the explanation you gave in these two spots seem a little bit contradictory or am I overlooking anything? :)
  • lessthanthreee



    yeah you are right. both spots are basically the same stack depth. you can still reshove in both. i think the KTo is a better spot for our opponents to reshove light and the stack sizes are a little deep, but its still ok to rejam.