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lessthanthreee celebrated 100000 views to his blog together with chenny8888. If you have missed the show - here is your chance to catch up and view the podcast on how to play Sit and Goes profitably and of course some nice chat with lessthanthreee, chenny8888 and their fans.


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  • SvenBe


    enjoy the show, and gl at your tables!
  • JesusITilt


    ty, u2 :)
  • hariballs


    biggest shit ive ever seen
  • Alexh2o


    nice job guys! I really like your team work, especially then discussion is about push/call ranges in different spots + chenny's remarks/questions if situation was different in certain spot- this is very useful. I'm just lovein it then U guy talking about metagame... I think this is "the must" topic - the more that from U - the better for us ;) Talking about metagame...

    35:34 Babble with 88, villain's AT call. If think it is not as bad as it looks like.

    1. just suppose U are the villain and see the picture: U are between two regs witch is not great, roughly 4BB, if U miss that call-blinds are coming trough after that no more FE. And U already know that pushing in bigstack is not a great spot and in this particular spot big stack in on any2 and more than that he will not miss any opportunity to push- even if he does that, than pushing in reg from sb (knowing his calling range) is even worse. Hoping for someone will bust out is pretty bad either, because of our stack(we are shorties with sb) even BB is realizing
  • Alexh2o


    ... that he can still wait an is not willing to gamble despite the fact that he is lil bit on loose side (If I correctly understand the green note witch means: loose). So.. I hardly can imagine better spot than that to gamble now for 2 purposes: a) we don't have now any edge in 4handed play b) if we call/win with AT - we could still than abuse the babble (we could think about push any2 in next hand-I think we could find here push ;) ) and are in great chip position to take down 1st place. Negative side of course is that where is no guarantee what we will be ITM if AT holds. I just still prefer one 1st place rather than two 3th, because of our chances for 1st even than we are ITM. ....any comments ??!! :)

    2. calling range for BB in this spot if we consider the situation on table with 3 other regs?

    p.s. sorry about my english ;)
  • RiseandStrive


    uuuuups! :D:D:D

    @ 4#, 5# originally was my comments.:)
    was just watched your vids with friend on his profile. don't want to blackmail friend's good image :D

    my apologizes ;)
  • hotnix


    whats the name of the program for the stats? are they based on early/mid/late game?
  • lessthanthreee



    holdem manager.
    yes based on early/mid/late