Out of the Blinds - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55 - $109
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In his new series faarcyde will focus on blind battle in deffierent spots. The first episode covers spots where the effective stacks are 20-30BB.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • lessthanthreee


    JTs @ 36:00 - do you balance this by c/c the nuts and sets? im not surprised he 3 barreled you here because your hand looks exactly like a weak pair that he can easily blow you off it you dont bink the turn. my preference is to lead in these spots, mainly for balance and because he will definitely float with worse and its a lot easier to play without being so face up.
  • Tim64


    Yep, good stuff. Mainly discussing benefits to getting into more post flop spots.
  • faarcyde


    @lessthanthree: I think balancing our check calling range is more important. Also overall I just think it is a more optimal play because if we lead he can call with so many hands and then when we check the turn on a brick we are in no man's land if he decides to bet. And yes, I would c/c the nuts (and sets a small portion of the time) for the same reasons I am checking JTs.
  • lessthanthreee


    interesting. i like it. so there are zero hands you would lead this flop with? You might be forced into some tough decisions against good regs capable of 3 barrels, but when you include nutted combos in your range its very hard to 3 barrel you.

    my initial thought was to 2 barrel a ton, but i like your line better, c/c 100% of SD/nuts against good aggressive regs. Although, you will get into a lot of really tough river spots with good pairs, 2 pairs etc... would have been more interesting to see if you called down on a blank turn and river to his 3 barrel. Do you think you would have? I suppose it depends a lot on dynamics between you two.

  • faarcyde


    I think I would lead hands like AQ/KQ and then CRAI in on bricked turns. But yeah I like checking a lot of my range there.
  • etnogvozd


    thx alot faarcybe, looking forward to see the rest of the series
  • etnogvozd


    faarcyde* sry ;p
  • GutsForSale


    18:50 actually i dont think that this is so stupid play, like you said. This is great play if he thinks, that you gonna resteal here a lot. If he shoves preflop you gonna call him with smth like AJ+, 88+ (i am not 9max, so may be i am wrong) , but if raise call you, he gives you opportunity to shove worse aces, so this is better then just push preflop and get it in only with a worse hand. dont you think so?
  • GutsForSale


    26:30 i dont think he will bluff so often here... i would fold there after potbet. I would call smth like 1200-1500, but potbet is really too strong..

    29:35 i am not sure if it is bubble, because i dont play 9max=)))

    42:00 yeee i am so fishy , i hate my call there omg )) but probably you would push kt, qj, kq etc hm ? actually i dont think so...

    46:10 i think best bet suppose to be smth like 250-300, he is too short. or even check here to let him hang himself.
  • faarcyde



    18:50 - He should be risk averse here in the sense that he needs to avoid confrontation as much as possible which I think he does by just shoving preflop. Forcing me to only call with 6-7 percent is a huge win for him.

    26:30 - Like I said in the video, I don't think it is THAT often but still possible IMO depending on the aggression factor of the fish.

    29:35 - My mistake, not a bubble :D

    42:00 - No, I wouldn't push any hands there, that is why I dislike my play so much. It is so hard for me to have nothing..

    46:10 - Yes, the smaller the better. I wouldn't even mind like 200 in retrospect.
  • mariannapoker


    nice vod, as always!
  • nunopires


    What a great player!
  • Gixeer75


    Very interesting video ... thx