$11 Rush on Demand Tournament - Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Fullring
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In his new video Aaron reviews lowstakes Rush On Demand tournaments he played on fulltilt. He will show you how to adapt to this format and make the most profit out of it.


$11 Rush on Demand Tournament Rush Session Review

Comments (34)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • uros19


    which stats do you use in rmtt?
  • DaMas187


    I definitely want to know why you shoved AJo on the Button at 38:30. I think u lose a lot of value this way.
  • Infiesta


    I really liked it ;)

    Greetings from spanish community
  • pavels4444


    at 11:52 , I'll just make it 5x :D math is hard :))

    Seriously, I enjoyed the video. Seems like my style has been almost identical to yours. Games are soft for sure, played 4,40 max so far though
  • Floppy83


    at 3:00, you raised QJo in late position 3 times the Bigblind with a stack of 1600 chips. What do you do on a reraise fold or call. I think both alternatives are very -ev or not?
  • Kongotto


    @ 30:00 99 coldcall with M=12

    Can someone explain why cc and not push? (or fold)
  • Kongotto


    EDIT: Well u gain the huge cbets but how do u play Axx Kxx Qxx flops?
  • mineriva


    terrible play. Oh and the opponents are no good either
  • 1Blackknight


    THese MTT are 20% skill 80% luck.
    Always there is a moron who beat u.
    I won 3 times and I made a lot FT,but I dont really like it.
  • AaronLambert


    @#2 a little tighter than usual I would assume something like 22-18 or so with a little higher 3bet% than usual because people avoid confrontations for the most part

    @#3 I'm about 16 true bbs deep and it is a deeper shove I think raise calling a 3bet shove is better here.

    @#6 I usually use Table Ninja which would have made my raise somewhere around 2.4x or so. It acts up when I play rush tournaments so I have it off and it was just easier to 3x but I'd rather min raise and fold to 3bets there.

    @#8 I flat here as appose to anything else because our opponents range is very tight. I wouldn't hate folding there and shoving could make an argument but knowing his range if the flop comes Axx I'm never ahead so it is easy to fold post flop. Given the flop I have no fold equity but I'm ahead of AK AQ KQ and 88-66 so I'm slightly ahead of his overall range so I get in on the T22 board happily.
  • AaronLambert


    @#9 I get away from all Axx flops I'm playing some Kxx or Qxx depending on my opponents action. If he pots it I assume he's weak on a Qxx board (probably AK) because it is a type of board he can rep raising UTG

    @#11 I assume you haven't played that many? I haven't yet (can't anymore now) but for the most part the play seems very weak.
  • dubadal


    too much min raising and limping imho. While you often mention that villains will call alot, you are definitely missing on value by betting 30-40% of the pot instead of 60+. Regardless - nice video and good intro to Rush mtt OD.

    P.S. You sound totally bored :))
  • AlexChase007


    hi guys, im knew to poker strategy and have been watching a lot of the videos lately and i had a question, i see that almost all of the pro s are using same poker tool , what is the name of the tool? can i buy it over here? or is there any link for it?

    bty great video!
  • Gibs007


    holdem manager
  • Ketzer1337


    really nice vid!
    thats what i was waiting for xD
    Are u gonna do another vid?
    Looking forward to it
  • AlexChase007


    thank you Gibs
  • Sh1r4y


    I love your accent :D
  • Zeezout


    Very nice vid!

    Learned alot
  • Zeezout


    Mybe you can make a serie of all the possible limits? Would be nice!
  • fruktpuff


    I'd suggest using fade instead of slide for the tableswaps, I don't like using avatars, but that's more of a personal preference.
  • AaronLambert


    @#14 I think minraising has replaced the 2.5x raises but to each his own. I'm not bored, I actually really enjoy talking poker in such formats.

    @#15 the program I use to record the screen is called Holdem Manager. Very useful but does cost some money. It does come with a free trial though.

    @#17 yes this is a 3 part series. Ty :D

    @#19 ty I grew up in the south but don't have much of the southern accent.

    Thank for all the kind words from the others.
  • Rammie


    Thanks for the video, these are the ones you can enter multiple times right? Do you do that at all or rather just enter different tournaments as they pop up.
  • AaronLambert


    When I was playing these you couldn't enter these particular ones multiple times. I think the lower buyins allow you to but for some reason the middle stakes don't
  • ronekinky


    The one thing that interest me while watching these videos is seeing how people win coinflips, hits sets and manages to win with AK/AQ vs some fish holding A7.
    I never seem to win with AK vs A7. And another thing that gets me is that when im the one holding the worse A, like AJ vs AK, i NEVER suckout. Im loosing 100% with the worst ace and winning about 50% with the best A.
    I can sometimes win 2 coinflips in a row. 3 in a row is almost impossible. But without a problem i can loose 7 in a row. Wtf? It really seems like some people are lucky and some are not. Ive been playing for many years and play almost exactly the style as the guy in this video.
    Its a shame that online poker is like this. The word "rigged" is forbidden. But something is not right.
  • jozata


    @#26 I suggest you move to chess.The variance is much less:)And I would also highly recommend that you work with Chessmaster 10th edition at least 2h-3h a day to grind up the limits fast and thus increase your ROI.
  • apopt


    At 3:11 you raise with QJo. What would you do against the button's or one of the blind's shove at that point? I guess we do this kinda open if we are ready to call a shove, but isn't QJo too weak for that?
    Look forward to your answer, coz you didn't answer it here #12. Thank you.
  • nsavov


    King jack-off :D:D:D:D
  • apopt


    Can you make same sort of detailed instruction video on how to adjust your HM(HUD) to work on these tournaments, because many players still have problems with that?
  • apopt


    At 12:20 isn't it better to make small (1/3 or 1/4 of the pot) cbet into A-high board with QQ?

    At 14:00 why do you bet so small with top set with all these draws out there?
  • apopt


    What is the proper bankroll for these tounaments?

    Considering variance of these tournaments what are the rough chances of the average tournament player to get to the final table?
  • BigAl123456


    Nice Video, Dont realy understand the less than 1/2 PSBs tho.
  • Darkheart80


    @ min14: don't u think that your c-bet is too small on the flop with set? u keep in play exactly the kind of hand that he had.
    @ min28: Don't u think that a 3 bet on the flop, IP,it is better in that situation?

    What do u think about 1,10$ Rush OD multi entry tournaments? rush ME tournaments should be treated differently?
  • Harnas31


    I like that you also talk about hands, spots you don't play, not only those you play. Socondly, you are objective, even when you lose a hand you can say positive things about the way the hand was played by opponent.