NL $25 SSS Termi8r Review I.

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $25
  • Fullring
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PokerStars Session Review

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  • Jaime001254


    lol, spookster says "idiot" on 12:00, and spookster played T5 lol
  • Binadas


    regarding the last hand JJ isn't that an easy call with 3:1 potdds. I mean on the micros you almost never have the "read" that he only plays the ace they are almost always unknown. And combining the possibilities that this is a bluff, a smaller pocket pair (as it turned out to be) or even sth like KQ shouldn't one easily get the 25% equity?
  • exorcism


    @jaime maybe spookster was talking to himself :)
  • MiddleMan


    Great analysis of hand. Realy valuble video.
  • mouse89


  • Vicao


    Regarding that JJ-hand I would call for a different reason. Suppose you are the villain and really have an Ace, would you raise Hero all-in or just call and suck him in further on the turn? I think if villain has an A, he would slowplay almost always, so a reraise makes it less likely that he has an A, imho...
  • Vedm


    to #3 exorcism
    That's the first what i'd thought too...)
  • Blackov


    Thank you for such a good video :)
  • STR82ACE


    Great coaching video!
  • ShadowOfLight1337


    Funny spookster comment, going all-in with KK :D
  • budzior


    yeah spookster was the best:)
  • nimini


    Great vid, thank u xarry2!


    what happened on 63 flush then??
  • xarry2


    sorry for interrupting the hand, unfortunately villain showed a higher flush.
  • Navrark


    I am surprised to see that people don't pick a specific spot to sit at the table.

    I always ensure that I sit at the bottom middle of every table.


  • xarry2


    well, I prefer to do so, too. But I just recently enabled this option :) for like 2 years this didn't really bother me :)
    as you like it.
  • Nailya


    Very detailed video
  • Crybaby777


    nice video
  • Sinnology


    Nice video.
    Thx for this

  • axeboy90


    Low disk space. :)