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firsttsunami brings you yet another sessionreview with a two tabling format that allows more detailed explanation. Watch him getting into interesting spots in some shorthanded action.


Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Nitlib


    25:44 A9 on A34 vs LMS: His line is so bad if it is for value, that I would have called down too. If he bets the turn after the flop c/r, chances are, that the fish in the sandwich will call again after investing two small bets on the flop, and if you have a good Ace you will raise and he will have the opportunity to 3b. So he probably gains one BB more of the fish and not scare him away with 2 bets, and can maybe 3b you.
    So when he double cr, for value, his line looks suspicious, he scares away the fish and will never get more then 2 bb in on the turn.
    As a bluff the line would make much more sense to me.
  • mAlti


    maybe that lmsguy was hoping for a bet of the fish so that ce could checkraise whole field or tried to balance his bluffraises from flop that he has to give up if both other players call