New Perspectives - Part 2

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In his new series lessthanthreee reviews some SNGs he played with pokerstrategy members, who shared their hand histories, letting our coach analyse each situation from multiple perspectives.


FullTilt hand history review New Perspectives series

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Hlynkinn


    17:27 not a call for me? Getting 2:1 and lgwz is probably on a loose range here?... or does it hurt our fold equity so much and the fact lgwz knows we are getting 2:1 that he tightens up here?
  • LgWz


    @2 I think you can call, need 32.7% equity according to ICM Explorer. OTOH you have to factor in that 2/3 of the time you'll lose good part of your fold equity.

    About the Jx hand where I folded top pair early in the video... sick spot I wasn't sure but I felt a random can call Ax on that board sometimes and decided to just muck it... would have been nicer to call and see what he had though :P
  • lessthanthreee



    hurts our FE a bit. but the main reason is i think he tightens up against your BB. its one of those 'meh' spots. could go either way. id probably call on a tough table, fold on a soft table. call if suited.
  • VBZg


    very nice video, and nice game guys, lot to learn from you, as always
  • shakin65


    15'50: I would never open fold 77 with a stack < 10 BBs. The nashrange 16.6%, 33+ A8s+ A5s-A3s ATo+ K9s+ KJo+ Q9s+ J9s+ T9s is most of the times a little bit to loose, because of the calculated (too) tight calling ranges. I would include 66 and sometimes even 55 in my range
  • Tim64


    All good - thanks for this :)
  • lessthanthreee


    @shakin65, yeah thats definitely a shove. even against looser ranges i think we should always shove 66/77 here. I must have been in a NITTY mood that day.
  • Proky11


    I would bet t2000 at 31:16 with ATo 250/500 and fold vs 2 all-ins. Open-fold is too nitty for me, there is no big difference between you (4 and 2 bb).
  • d1sAA


    Hello, lessthanthreee! Russian community has some comments for you!

    6th minute, I think 3bet/fold is the best play since I'd open 22+ KJs+ KQ+ AT+ there.
    11:26 why the fish doesnt have lots of aces in his range??? IMHO he can easily have hands like A7 A3 he's calling with so the best play here would be bet/fold on a blank turn and check/fold on a river if he calls the turn.
    16:34 A3 is an easy shove, are you gonna wait for the aces with this kind of stack size?
    18:43 -EV shove with 1.6k stack there. Imho it's not the best desicion (but not the worst either).
    18:57 Well, you could've called there with A2 but folding is fine too.
    23:59 You said you would've called with KT?? You'd be spending 2/3 of your stack on a call against better kings, also it would be bad against any ace and you'd have a coinflip vs pocket pairs. So i think folding there would be a better play cuz you'd be able to keep using your fold equity.
    27:51 I didnt rly like the play with 22 there. Did he want to get ITM or win 120 chips??? Hlynkin had took 3rd place away from himself playing like that, imho it would be ok if the opponent had 300 or 400 chips.
    32:54 How can you say this fish is nitty??? And put him on a tight range? Ofc maybe you can try to find a fold there, but calling would be fine for sure.

    Please, comment these thoughts from one of our russian-speaking users!
    Thank you!
  • lessthanthreee


    @ russian community!

    Hi guys,
    thanks for the comments.

    6:00 : I definitely love 3bet/fold here. I said in the video its a good option vs regs that will respect a 3bet range. I wouldn't do it against every reg because the majority of regs at these stakes don't think on that level and will just 4bet jam the same range that they would call a 3bet jam.

    12:23 : When he calls such a dry flop the only real hands we beat are A7/A3/99/88. we lose to many higher Jx combos. On the turn we now lose to 99 as well. I think we value-town ourselves too much against his range when we bet turn. So that's why I chose to just c/f turn rather than b/f. Even hands that we beat like A7/A3 might just give up on the turn when we bet. So we can easily check turn assuming that when he checks behind we are probably good with our top pair and either c/c river or b/f small for value. Yes he has A7/A3 in his range on the river but he also has other mid pairs like K7/88/66/TT/78/67/9T/98. I think we can value-bet small against these hands.

    16:34 : I agree.

    18:43 : Like I said in the vid, bottom of the range.

    23:17 : A2o , yes its very close. Depends on your reads of the SB.

    23:59 : KTo is going to be a +EV call against a reg ep 4bb shove. Its 6 handed our risk-aversion is low. The EP shove range is approx 35%-45%. KTo is a call against this range.

    27:51 : I think he has enough equity against the BTN and BB range to just bet the flop which should be a profitable play in itself. However, even if the BTN wins its not that bad because hlynkinn can still shove very wide against the other CL and once he regains the CL he can abuse the bubble. He has some incentives to end the bubble now, but when the other BS is a fish there is some merit to keeping the bubble alive and trying to abuse. If the BS was a good reg I definitely would not like this play.

    33:51 : A5o , He needs to be pushing more than 38% hands like K2s,Q7s,K4o,Q9o. I don’t think unknowns push this wide here. I think his range is closer to 30% which would make this a -0.58 call. My read is just based on his previous actions, he has folded a lot ITM, he was not abusing the bubble, he limped his SB etc...

    Hope that helps. If you have any more Questions pls reply!
  • d1sAA


    Thank you a lot, lessthanthreee!
    Here's another comment (it's from the same guy, I forgot to translate it yesterday):
    And about the last hand, J6o, it's just madness! Yes, we have a lot of fold equity, but we're always behind his calling range which is 100%, so you could've folded there for sure!
  • lessthanthreee


    hi d1sAA , which minute was that hand?
  • d1sAA


    35:20 or somewhere there, the last hand of the tourney.
  • lessthanthreee


    @ d1sAA.

    standard ATC shove. just a simple wiz spot
  • d1sAA


    Thank you a lot, lessthanthreee!
  • stevegold87


    14:00 I agree with LgWz here that unknown/fish will wake up often with Ax :)

    15:50 agree with shoving 77 here, never folding

    23:27 I am folding A2o here but just personnal opinion, usually they will have 2 live cards against us, really dislike the hand

    25:35 Wow this hand I learned it in this video, KTo in this situation is much stronger than I expected.

    30:00 I disagree with betting with 22 here we should coop with BB to make ITM
  • DasWodka


    realy enjoy the series so far.
  • RovarTry


    This kind of reviews are nuts! Thank you guys.