MTSNG Usersessionreview: karhu - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $5 - $6
  • Fullring
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In his new miniserries chenny8888 reviews the handhistories of a pokertsrategist in multi-table SNG's. He will share useful advice on how to play these formats.


MTSNG User Session Review

Comments (25)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • ickern


    NL SSS or MTSNG ?
  • luvmeluvme


    45man sngs
  • luvmeluvme


    min 17:00 what do you think will the 3better fold here to our shove that he is 3betting there? do you think he 3bets here worse hands than jj+, ak+?

    because i would also fold aqs there
  • luvmeluvme


    nice video
  • zissab


    Nice video with good advice. I especially like the idea of limping more in the SB vs fishy players.

    But next time please select a looser player, there are just not enough postflop spots this way.
    Especially aquiring chips in the early phase with marginal hands is quite interesting. Push or fold is demonstrated enough in single table SnG videos.
  • Syb0


    8:55 AK - isn't it a push?AK is often ahead preflop but we have to commit 1/3 of our stack and we could be in trouble if we miss the flop
  • Syb0


  • Syb0


    sorry,I just wanted to write a note that I was at 11:35...
  • DianaGrosu


    chenny you think he is to tight, right?
  • NewKidPoker


    At 5.15 why have to go all-in after a UTG-raise? we cant 3-bet because we have not stack but if we push we go against better hand many times after UTG1-raise.
    Im thinking about a call and if JJ is overpair i can go all-in more comfortable. But here if i call against 2 players i easy-fold on Q high flop...that is the way i play this hand. What do you think?

    Sorry for my bad english:)
  • qnb07


    this guy takes being a nit to a whole new level. openfolding 99 and aj with like 12bb...
    hoping for a different player to watch next time but i guess it´ll be the rest of this guys games?
  • chenny8888


    yeah i think he's too tight lol, i think it's the first thing i noted!

    @11: pot's too big. we give up too much by just calling IMO. there's enough dead money for us to just straight up ship it in.
  • kobrafab


    so t6ight and so bad,can't belive it you r a coach
  • kobrafab


    sorry so much i though was 1$ sng
    sry again
  • Gavron23


    Nice video,
    I am really surprised of the loose passive nature of the game - often there were 4-5 limpers..You cannot see this in a STT for the same buy in lvl....
  • Gavron23


    16.05 can we consider iso raising?
  • Miloszpoker2


    chenny I think, that you play too loose
  • PhantomR32


    LOL @ bronze comments on this video :) So funny.
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    #19 +1
    great vid chenny very useful
  • dhernandez27


    cool vid will look for more from you Chenny
  • moveon123


    thank you
  • SRBSavic1


    this guy is really bad imo.
  • mossy077893


    Some good advice. !!
  • Laci24


    Really nice vid! Thx