$11 Rush on Demand Tournament - Part 2

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $5 - $11
  • Shorthanded
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In his new video Aaron reviews lowstakes Rush On Demand tournaments he played on fulltilt. He will show you how to adapt to this format and make the most profit out of it.


$11 Rush on Demand Tournament FullTilt Rush Session Review

Comments (12)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • jonhysouth


    Hello from Portugal.Great video! it was time to see soemthing like this long time ago.Im playing rush 1$ wich is a jungle,and the variance punish us with a lot of bad beats cause no one folds nothing.But it is a question of playing tight in the beggining and wait for some luck.I expect to see more videos with this quality.Thanks very much and congrats for the comments.Pretty decent trainer.
  • kompriduh


    Again from Portugal :)
    Another great video from Aaron! Since Full Tile has stopped the data mining sharing to both top shark and sharkscope, i would like to know if it is possible to know the number of games and ROI that you have! I'm just beggining the 1$ rush...still a small sample size, but since i've made two final tables i still have a pretty decen ROI...just wondering how the 4$ are...

    Best wishes, Diogo
  • Saren113


    at 27:15 at the right table, what do you represent with that re raise? We know villian is betting air a ton on that board, but we can't really represent any hand in that spot either.
  • smokinnurse


    "ahhhh boy ..." ;-)
    melancholic or tired?
  • qnb07


    50min aj hand on right. him just flatting made it look really strong and i wouldn´t have been surprised to see AA or maybe a set. also i would guess that even if he just has a queen or king hes calling you down, just because he flatted pre and on the flop makes it unlikely he´ll fold.
  • TylordLE


    AJ-hand: ur flopbet was 25%potsize - and he calls with two overcards and gutshot to the nutz - why is this a "bad play" by a "calling station" thats gonna be rewarded?

    I think u missplay this hand. Even stronger hands will check it back to u - to let u bluff.

    Its right to be aggressive with a big stack. But u always have to watch out not to cripple yourself.
  • ric0tjuh24


    i was gonna ask the same Tylord, tnx for typing it for me ^^
  • AaronLambert


    @4 I'm not repping anything here maybe 55 66 77 type hands (can't rep 22 - 44 b/c I'd just call) because I decided to call only pf... Sometimes I'll float here as well to mix up the ranges but not everyone things in terms of ranges and sometimes dumbing down the play makes sense because your opponents don't think as deeply either. They simply miss here and fold to a raise.

    @5 don't know what time it was at during the video but I'm sure I'm not tired when I begin to record.

    @7 ya I bet small because I was betting according to his stack size. I didn't mention it but he check called with a little equity for about a fifth of his stack. I think I should have bet a little more something like 3200 to make him put more like a quarter of his chips in. But it isn't as bad as I thought at the time for him to call the small bet that I made as is.
  • Voland3


    Thank you, Aaron
    Just 1 question.
    about reqistering late. what is the motivation to registering late? I mean, is it ok? I don't like registering late, because you have less hands, less opportunities to double up... I prefer to register in time, or pick another spot. What do you , and you guys, think of that?
  • Borzo


    i think the same

    why didnt u raise the KJs in the BB when the SB open-limped?