Leakfinder with mbml: RahXephon - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Fullring
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mbml collected some videos from Pokerstrategy members and reviews them in his new series. He will show leaks and areas to improve in the users game. In the first episodes hero is RahXephon, who plays NL25FR on Fulltilt.


FullTilt Leakfinder with mbml series User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • pokerpuppi


    nice wallpaper! magic 4 the win!
  • yomatiyo


    nice nice nice
    like it

    The hand of the oesd fold, I think he folds cause the stacksize of the player who leads, and cause he has another player behind.
    How to play that? raise to 5.25 (stack of the one who leads) so we gain some FE against him and go for a flip a lot of times, and also making fold to the player behind?.
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    I like the video very much, learned a few things.

    Got a question in regard to one of the comments you made. I recall you saying (~32:00) that betting $6 into $7.4 is "terrible bet sizing".

    Why? In that spot the betting guy is last to act, up against two players on a 5s9sAd flop. Being the preflop 3bettor, he's likely to have the ace - isn't that a good bet to protect his hand?
  • SootedAsse


    sexy accent :D
  • fembot26


    I live in Singapore currently, and in your video I can hear in the background the same kinds of birdcalls that I hear every day :)
  • Garison1987


    #4 inlovewithamsterdam

  • mbml


    can u guys write out the actual action here? i cant seem to find it. thanks
  • Evante


    are you singaporean?
  • mbml


  • booyaka77


    Why did you say the Fold with OESD (JTs) is awful? How could he call that after the 5,25$ bet? He doesn't get the odds to call or am I missing sth here?
  • nacl


    I expected a video which shows leaks and discuss leaks and why this are leaks. This video is a normal session review and the "leaks" are in your point of view leaks. You do not discuss it, you do not give any reason why this is a leak and why the alternative to your propose is -EV.

    This video should be called "normal session review"
  • Clevelandpoker


    totally agree
  • thoschi12


    Yep, I also agree with #12
  • cybertilt34


    can't understand a word the guy is say. what a night mare