Holdem Manager Leakfinder: Middle Position

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In this video staskmp explains how to utilize the functions of Holdemmanager to find leaks in your own game. The second episode will focus on the common mistakes from middle positions.


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  • Bushizo94


  • SpiderZorro


    nice one! Good explanations, interesting examples. I did learn a lot. Thanks!
  • cantuta


    A Lot Of Thanks. this Video is Really Great!!
  • kacsa1st


    useful advices thx !!!!!
  • amazkjeee


    where can i get the pop up configurations of the hud?
  • mko101


  • p0rkus


    the author got the popup from someone on the Russian forums, maybe pm the author?
  • BigFish2010


    Any one found the popups?
  • BigFish2010


    Thanks man!
  • Bartmannn


    2nd Vid is even better than the 1st. nice work again!
  • swanny36


    Good video. Good description. However, very snobby and patronising voice from author. Not sure if it is put on or just a very unfortunate accent? Good job apart from that!
  • Dodozz


  • DavidGarban


  • Member0815


    I liked the video very much, nicely structured overview, good examples and detailed explanations!!!
  • p0rkus


    #12 good point, I will take it into consideration when translating future videos.
  • p0rkus


    I don't think it's this bad in some of my later videos, since this one was one of my first and I was reading a premade script that I made, it came out the way it did. Most of the videos that came out after are all live sessions where my voice is a bit more organic.
  • l33tNinja


    I found this video extremely helpful in helping me learn picking out certain stats that are important in specific situations.

    Your accent is just fine. The technical content is all that matters anyway.