New Perspectives - Part 3

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  • SNG
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In his new series lessthanthreee reviews some SNGs he played with pokerstrategy members, who shared their hand histories, letting our coach analyse each situation from multiple perspectives.


FullTilt hand history review New Perspectives series

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • santostr


    39:40 J7o - Cool hand. It's a nash push, and it doesn't get -ev if BB knows you don't push AA-QQ, AQ+
  • santostr


    40:20 AQo - raise/call vs amateur? I can see fishes flating lite, but not 3betting. But I don't have statistics and don't know the guy...
  • santostr


    One of the best (if not THE best) SnG series on this site. Lots of spots and dynamics to talk about.

    <3 has done a great job explaining spots and also skipping when there is nothing to talk about (std spots, for example).

    I think this series could be made in diferent limits, smaller and higher.
  • LgWz


    20:00 fml
  • Eisbaerchi


    Pretty good series, nice video!
    I think its a lot better than most stuff on the page, please keep up the good work!

    Personally I'm not a fan of this Small Blind openlimp/stab tactics but it has merits and somehow dependant on your overall tactic i guess.

    One thing to the trail of thoughts about squeezes, I think fishes relatively rarely squeezebluff. They sometimes shove with small aces and pocketpairs in addition to monsters, but thats all.
  • V1kt0r


    first hand: OK that you don't raise him because you know his range is tight, but you also know that he don't have any premium hand, because he don't want to 3bet/fold.
    So he'd probably fold to a squeeze, OOP, wouldn't he?
  • lessthanthreee



    hlynkinn would probably always fold to my squeeze. but i have no idea what the unknown player's range is or how he will react to a 3bet, so im not going to mess around in this spot.
  • Proky11


    Please fix the description of this video from "shorthanded" to "fullring".

    Thank you!
  • Tim64


    30:25 Discussion of limp/shove with KTs. I am pretty sure that open shoving for 16bb would be a mistake. If that is the case then it is useful to understand why limp/shoving would (potentially) be okay. Is it that:
    a). the aggressive dead money we win by inducing BB's raise (and having him then fold) offsets the equity deficit when we are called by better hands; or
    b). that we are are able to fold out hands that would otherwise call our open shove because our opponent fears that limp/shove implies "monster"?

    To put the question another way do we assume that villain's range for calling an open shove and calling a limp/shove are the same or different?

    Finally, is it possible that villain calls wider when we limp shove than when we open shove because he gets better odds (once he has invested his raise)? If that were the case then open shoving would be better I suppose?
  • lessthanthreee



    its within the nash range. so its not going to be a mistake to open shove against a reg but i think a limp/shove can show a profit against a lot of aggressive regs/fish.

    for both of the reasons you stated. without history, villain will be raising a limp very wide and if hes only calling a limp/shove with top 10% it will be instantly profitable to limp/shove a lot of hands. lets say hes raising a limp with ATC and only calling top 10% its instantly profitable to limp/shove ATC because of how often we get a fold. Although I think its unrealistic to assume most players raise a limp with ATC its certainly possible with a lot of regs. But you can see what im getting at. Its a mixture of the fold equity we generate and the implied strength of our range. I dont think players call limp/shoves with the same range as open shoves.

    I would favour an open shove more than a limp shove against a good reg who knows that im not always nutted when I limp shove, his raising range would be a lot tighter compared to the regs who blindly raise 50%+ over limps. The tighter the BB raises the worse our limp/shove gets, and if hes good enough to know we have non-nut hands in our range he would probably call our limp/shove wider than our open shove (due to your explanation of pot odds) , so I would favour an open shove against this player.

    hope that makes sense
  • Tim64


    Forgot to say: this is an excellent concept. I think this can be rolled out accross formats (if not already) to great effect. Thanks!
  • Jimanyjerk


    I haven't checked every video on the site, but I sincerely hope there are more series like this on here. I've seen Unam's game with every hand revealed as well. The fact that we get to see 3 times the number of spots in an hour makes this a tremendously +EV video for anybody to watch. It's like multi-tabling a study session :D