Diamond Days: $200 SCOOP Shootout - Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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In his first video PhilShaw aka. Jackal reviews a SCOOP event he played recently. He will show you how he utilizes his SNG skills in the shootout format.


$200 SCOOP Shootout Diamond Days FullTilt hand history review

Comments (12)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • PhilShaw


    Hi guys, very happy to be joining pokerstrategy, look forward to answering any questions!
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Nice Video

    I don't agree with ur Comment regarding the 99 hand in min 33:00. I don't think u should be happy about a squeeze - yes u can get it in, but the Range thats calling u then has u beat, it's not like there's ever going to be a squeeze/call with 88 or A8s.

    Also I don't see why 3betting and 5betshoving TT would be much better than 99, I can see there's a few more worse hands calling the 3bet but vs the 4bet 99 and TT is essentially the same hand.
    However if u flat TT and get squeezed u might get it in vs 99 and ur not beat vs TT which is a lot better than having 99 in this Spot.
    Also in that Spot I would have liked u commenting on the Coldcall by Seradja since I think it should impact on your decision to shove the 99 in becuase for once flatcalling seems a lot more profitable and also I wouldn't rule out strong hands in Seradja's Range.
  • PhilShaw


    Hi Teddy,

    thanks for the comments:

    - on the 99 hand I dont quite think you can call and setmine as you are only getting about 3-1 immediate odds calling 600 with 4-6k stacks behind, so its fold or shove really. There is 2000 in the pot and 99 is 37.3% against TT+ AQ+, plus i cover the table so can gamble more and there are no icm considerations. Therefore i thought it was a better option to shove than fold, since i have to get called very often to lose on the play with all the potential dead money. The cold call is a slight concern but this does also sweeten the pot by 600 to offset it and I think his range would be slightly polarized here given the aggression of the match, so i doubt he flats TT-QQ. We are both used to nitty regular sngs where everyone is very tight, but this is a different situation.

    As for calling pre vs 3/5 betting, you have to draw the line somewhere and TT is mine since the jump from 99-TT in equity is a bit bigger than from TT-JJ since TT blocks AK/AQ making straights, and this is a very aggressive table.

  • TeddyTheKiller


    Ty :) Yea, what I meant with the flatcalling thing was, it's more profitable with the coldcall than without - I also think shove is probably best.
  • PhilShaw


    cool. I think without the cold call its still super profitable, he would have to call about 75% or more with better/flipping hands only i think for it to not be, and you might run into 88 or 77.
  • RealTHC


    nice vid, nice run, nice comments
    hope to see more from you soon ;)
  • denntheman


    hi phil, do u know cardrunners? there was a coach who sounds like u ... crazy ;-)
  • itSmIn3z


    33:31 can the 4better really fold to push from hitthehole with an "okay" hand? he only needs like 31% vs him... What would u assume is hitthehole pushing in this spot?
  • PhilShaw


    yes maybe not, perhaps i mistuck stack sizes, but we have AK so still an easy spot for us ;-)
  • Baex


    hi phil. I was quite surprised the way u played in this first vid.
    You essentially put ur deep stack in the middle preflop against ranges u have at best a coinflip against.

    As said, the 99 is quite questionable for me to. You risk a lot of BBs in this early phase by not 3betting the initial raiser and exposing urself to an allin from an 60bb squeezer.

    After that ur happy to get allin with AK for 80bbs against a strong range and JJ allin against a strong range.

    I just dont find the edge against your opponents in this first vid by copinflipping deep against strong ranges of your opponents. It rather seems to me you want to avoid postflopplay.

    Maybe im to fearless, but i try to avoid such deep allin coinflips in the early tourney as best as i can.

    Looking forward to your next vid!
  • Baex


    fearfull/nitty, not fearless :)