Diamond Days: Saving Bets - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $300/$600
  • Heads-up
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In his first video for PokerStrategy.com Darren Woods reviews a HU match he played at the $300/$600 tables against a regular. The main concept of the video is how to avoid a common leak, wasting bets.


darren woods Diamond Days high stake Saving Bets Session Review

Comments (18)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Dollarpeter


  • kafelnikow


    would be nice to know the screenname of ur opponent.
  • Hergen13


    You did not c/r the River at 8:00 because villain was all in ;)
  • firsttsunami


    i liked the video, looking forward to the next ones. welcome as a producer! :-)
  • OnkelHotte


    I liked the video, too. Gave me some nice inspiration.
    Thanks a lot!
  • F3rt


    Wow, Doosh playing more then 10 Hands in a row even though he was up? Must be fake.
  • krason


  • Kerri1


    very tough opponent.....
  • Cardbender


    Thanks for the video! wish I could see the rest... I really liked the spots you mentioned not to check raise. I have always avoided FL but watching this video I'm interested.
  • feinherb


    8:03 you couldn't raise since he was allin allready :)
  • Polwar


    polish version !!!!!!
  • whitechucks


    Thank you for interesting video.
    I wanna play at these limits some day too.
    By the way, which poker room you often play at?
  • SniffvsSnaf


    excellent vid
  • deralte71


    nice video, nice format. A lot of good insights to turn play.
  • Farnemo


    Hi Darren, first of all thanks a lot for this video! It is always very interesting to get a completely new perspective from a successful high stakes player who shares his thoughts and his style of play with the community.

    Before I make some comments about a few hands, I want to give some general feedback.
    The sound quality was very nice and everything you said was very good to understand although I am not part of the English community.
    I think you talked about relevant hands in great detail considering all possible scenarios.
    One question, do you not use any statistics during a heads up game in general?


    1) Right at the beginning you mentioned some reads that you’ve already had about your opponent. An important one was the fact that villain uses to check behind the turn very frequently with all kind of weak holdings with or without showdown value including any draws.
    At 00:36 you had KJ and flopped top pair and at 1:02:00 you had Q7 and flopped trips. In both cases you decided to cc the flop and cr the turn.
    I got the point that one reason for this was to strengthen your cc range on the flop.
    And in the context of the Q7 hand you also said that you were feeling he might be continuing making a move and keeps firing since he did not succeed with a bluff in the previous hand, so I might leave this spot aside.
    But considering the read that your opponent tends to check behind many turns, shouldn’t you be rather check-raising the flop right away, especially with the KJ?
    Or did you have the feeling that your opponent was about to adapt to your sort of tight postflop play against his postflop aggression on later streets, so that you assumed that delaying the action on the turn MEANWHILE gains more value?

    2) I think at 00:56 where you had 84o and cr the flop with a gutshot and got 3betted, you made a wrong call on the turn. You pointed out that you give the 3bet on the flop of this particularly player a lot of credit and put him at least on top pair.
    On the turn you did not improve and after villain cbet you only get odds of 1:6 but you needed about 1:10,5.
    Even with 1 or 2 calculated implied bets on the river (which would be a realistic assumption against this opponent in my opinion if you hit your gutshot which also would bring a four-straight on board), it would not be close to the correct odds.
  • Farnemo


    3) 1:05:00 is another spot where I would have chosen a different value line.
    You had Q7o, the flop was KK5 and the turn paired you the 7, bringing a three-flush on board.
    You mentioned that a lot of players would choose to cr in that spot – and I am one of them. :)
    I can see your reasons, especially as you seem to have a more defensive game plan in general.
    You said you didn’t want to get him off his bluffs, he will often fire missed bluffs on the river anyway and you don’t want to get in an ugly spot being 3betted by trips, full houses, flushes or just some kind of draw and be forced to call down most times.

    But after I have seen this player calling you down with J high in one spot, I think you might miss a lot of value there by just cc.
    First of all I think your hand is obviously good a lot of the time. You could raise for value against any kind of pocket pair with a flush draw (22-44,66) that might be betting for free showdown there (I guess he would check behind small pocket pairs without a flushdraw there), against any five, against almost every seven and you would extract an extra bet from any draw that has to call a raise.
    He also might give up missed draws on the river which means you would not get automatically a second bluffbet there.
    And, as I mentioned, since he showed that he is capable of making marginal calldowns, I think he might even call with an A high or Q high hand on the river that has a busted flush draw and thinks you might be on a worse busted draw yourself, for example if you had 89 or 64 that picked up a flushdraw on the turn.

    I also wouldn’t assume that this player is going to fire back a lot of the time on the turn since he proved many times during this video that he plays as cautiously as you have described him.
    I am not even sure if he would reraise a lone king again, actually I don’t think he would reraise a hand worse than a flush at all and your line looks very strong with that kind of flop also.
    Last but not least he folded to your check-raises on the turn earlier twice. When you had the KJ and Q7 mentioned by me before. So he might be tempted to call down to a cr here a little looser since you seem to cr turns quite a lot.

    Just some thoughts about this hand, would be nice if you commented what you think about it.

    I am looking forward to your next content!

  • ToscaUA


    opp jama-dharma?