New Perspectives - Part 4

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $33
  • Fullring
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In his new series lessthanthreee reviews some SNGs he played with pokerstrategy members, who shared their hand histories, letting our coach analyse each situation from multiple perspectives.


FullTilt hand history review New Perspectives series

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  • Pascal


    Enjoy and please keep comments in English!
  • santostr


    Again, great series!
  • SkillBabySkill


    Nice job Lessthanthree again, i really enjoyed this series.
  • Antonioull


    Nice 1 )
  • Tim64


    15:30 K9 vs QTo, you said you would be reshipping here vs an oR being top 25%. You also know Hlynkinn222 is never calling you oop (for the reasons you gave). So I assume you are raise/folding vs his limp/stab attempt. However, am I right that given he never calls oop, it would be profitable to raise ATC here, since we dont expect post flop playability to even be an issue? Or do you choose QT for blocker effect (not v significant vs all his Ax hands?)
  • Tim64


    20:00 J9, I often use this strategy (of ch/calling) vs aggressive fish. Vs regs, do you think its more important to bet our 'hits' so that our limp/stab doesnt just = bluff in their eyes?
  • Tim64


    30:30 72s
    Villain didnt open shove 69s the eariler hand, he raise/called it for 7.5bb. Given we have such a terrible hand I think shoving over his raise here would definitely be bad (even if his range is wide). The main reason is that we know Casey45 is capable of foling to a 3bb shove (getting 2.5:1) so our play should be to fold here and shove ATC if first in next hand.
  • lessthanthreee



    QTo , yes snap raise ATC its profitable assuming he is only limp/shoving the nuts. (i would not do it against good regs because they will limp/shove non-nuts for balance)

    J9o , yes you should merge your cbet range against regs because they will float so wide. Although faarcyde has shown in a recent video how he uses the c/c line vs regs in limp stabs, its profitable on some boards but balancing a c/c line is a lot harder IMO.

    72s , firstly when he 'raise/called' 69s hes obviously shoving, treat it like a shove. if i raise 1/2 my stack with 23o in the SB im not raise/calling 23o im open shoving. he's just mixing it up to try and get some extra FE. i agree 72s is a fold and shoving into the fish a much better play with pretty good FE.