Diamond Days: $75 45-Mans with braminc - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $75
  • Fullring
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In his first video for PokerStrategy.com braminc introduces one of his expertises, multi-table SNG's. He will review a game played on the $75 45-mans on fulltilt. The first episode will focus on the pre final-table stage.


$75 45-Mans with braminc Diamond Days FullTilt handhistory review MTSNG

Comments (12)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • TakingOver360


    fold kts am button ...
  • faarcyde


    Wow what a great instructor ;-)
  • SmokeyMacPot


    very good vid!
  • Jakoebchen


    But what about the epic braminc intro :-(
  • braminc


    I know KTs is horrible fold! I said so in the video though :)

    I am planning on making a new intro video for Pokerstrategy soon! The other one was old anyways. I need to write a new song and come up with some new horribly ridiculous idea for a silly video now...
  • chenny8888


    @2230 you didn't take out the top hands from your opponents' ranges

    @3000 whoa it's something like 1/4 of your stack here. i think you can judge just by sizing he's not a good regular and just ship it

    @4200 does BB's stack affect your decision? cause I feel if he has like 15bb or so he's just going to punish our limp so often. but here with 24bb against with a fish already limped... meh seems fine

    @4600 doesn't the huuuge sizing decrease your action against the other players? not a huge difference i guess

    @5430 what's your thoughts on your foldequity when villain 3x's it? i feel it's generally lower but obviously risk:reward is better etc.
  • braminc


    @2230 i don't think you can fairly take out the top hands out of the 1st limpers range. The 2nd player you can but it's not a guarantee at all at those stack sizes, especially without reads. Still a good point though.

    @3000 he's a very good player according to sharkscope, however i was trying not to quote it in case there is issue with FTP/sharkscope... also I don't think the quality of the player necessarily has to do with his 3b range. Plenty of bad regs or fish have very tight 3b ranges where this could be an easy pf fold

    @4200 stack size makes a huge difference yes. Under 15bb should almost never be limped (aside from certain traps on occasion), although against the most passive players even this rule can be broken.

    @4600 perhaps, but 4x over limp isn't big sizing, it's standard. And I don't want to encourage them to flat call and us to play awkward stacks postflop. I'd rather them shove or fold and i think 4xing makes that more likely.

    @5430 Honestly it is very player dependent. I agree for many players its lower but it is somewhat canceled out by your higher reward when they do fold. There are some players though who 3x with a weaker range to increase their FE, so to always assume you have less FE would also be a mistake.


    a looser in sng
  • mariannapoker


    played with u on pokerstars. It was really nice
  • Gixeer75


    nice video ... thx
  • Fipa87


    46:25 the AQ hand. As we have already seen with the AT hand, where villain had QJ and donked a dangerous flop, we can assume he will be doing that if he calls pre. So what do we do if we miss? Folding seems too week. If we don't wanna fold on the flop, shouldn't a shove pre be better? And great vid. Thank you.