Diamond Days: Highstakes Thinking with leatherass - Part 1

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In his first video for PokerStrategy.com Dusty "leatherass" Schmidt brings you some interesting and difficult hands from the highstakes games. He will analyze these spots in great detail teaching some of the more advanced thinking processes that you need to beat these games.


Diamond Days handhistory review Highstakes Thinking

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Genius91


    lol nice
  • Hansshi


    very nice. welcome!
  • Wills


    I like the fact, that ps is releasing vids of really successful players!

    keep it up!
  • superfofi


    traduccion spanish please
  • MarcPS


    great video. Welcome! Looking fwd to many more vids.
  • nosnbaer22


  • Hergen13


    Very nice content! Great to have you on board!
  • TrEbUh



    Did you bet the river, because you had the A of hearts or would you bet every bluffing hand there to follow your game plan with betting Turn and River almost always when you are bluffing in this spots?


    Do you really think that viallian's bluffing frequency is huge enough to call his bet on this river after he called your cR on the Flop?

    Great content...!
  • Schmette


    welcome, nice stuff :)
  • goldchess


    how can bronze members view diamond content :(
  • OnkelHotte


    Welcome from me as well! Glad to have you aboard!
  • IronPumper


    Yeah that sucks.
    But what can you do...
  • Gerv


    Hey Dusty , I would really like to ask some questions based on the content you have put here in your videos so I would like to know if you are actively going to answer those like back at DTB

    welcome sir!
  • UreMoneyisinDanger


  • beardsell


    welcome to pokerstrategy !
    very good video
    keep goin !
  • fusionpk


    yeah this video is really great, really enjoyed it.

    on QJ hand, i really like this play, I have a quick Q though, when he c/r's us to the size he did, clearly he is repping a size that is "never folding" (although ofc he cud level us), however, do u really think he would do this size with a hand like AT? Like isn't he more likely to do it smaller to rep a c/r bluff? I guess my point here is: don't you think when he c/r this size its actually more profitable than when he c/r small, because the time he is levelling and he folds, we make more (ok sure its less often), but more crucially, his range is going to be much more draw heavy, which we are ahead of?

  • fusionpk


    more profitable to shove*
  • busfahrer09


    super user or what?
  • slowrookie


    gr8 stuff
  • GutsForSale


    Instead of pressing "GO" you could press "+" - would be more easy for you:) . Thanks for the video
  • samy4ever


    OMFG, gotta watch this video, this guy always put me into a lot of pressure at the tables.

  • samy4ever


    BTW, it's great to have somebody like him here. Good for PS.
  • alejgambe


    in the first hand if the river is a blank, u will play check fold?
  • Ninjai


    Hey there, could you maybe go into detail if and when you think that exploiting others is by far better than balancing and taking care of frequencies?

    Say, if you were XRaising all your overcards as with the AT hand, you'd probably have a XR of 50% on that kind of flops. I think that would be really difficult to handle against the majority of good players on 5/10 or 10/20. Hence, how do you deal with balance(GTO?)/exploitation?
  • Eisbaerchi


    Welcome sir!
    I'm looking forward to more content from you!

    I really like this style of videos, i think 6 hands with a lot of thought process help way more than a session with instant decisions.
  • simon1989


    I rly dont agree w/ your thought process in 1st hand.
    Flating ATo here imo is rly bad. You never flat a monster here vs mini raise. With this kind of hand u cant rly c/r many flops cuz its a hand which u almost always will be making c/c c/c c/decide which is exploited by most of regs in 5/10. Another think that u give a rly good opportunity to cheap sqz for the BB or defend which makes your call even worst cuz u are oop vs 2 guys and u never flat here a mosnter so u cant rly rep to much postflop on many kinds of flops.
    Postflop i hate this c/r. I mean you 3b most of your KQ and 88 combinations so u very rarely have a monster here and so many times its a drawing hand. I mean not the best hand reader can exploid your c/r by many ways.
    Can u tell more about that hand ?
  • TheLastNail


    @28: he doesnt 3bet KQ or 88 by default
  • chenny8888


    @28: if he flat ATo why does he 3bet KQo? and also you can balance some small % of the time with flatting strong hands vs a minraise, ESP if BB has high squeeze %
  • Leatherass9


    Hey everyone! First off I want to thank everyone for their patience. I have been at the WSOP in Las Vegas and been away from the computer for some time now. From now until the WSOP ends, I may be slower than usual to respond to questions, but be assured that when the WSOP is over I will be around to answer questions on virtually a daily basis. I am excited to be making videos for Poker Strategy and I hope you all like the videos and keep the questions coming.

    I will get to some questions in this thread in my next post.
  • Leatherass9


    TreBuh -

    I bet the river here thinking that it was actually possible that from time to time I was value betting, but mostly I didn't know where I really stood in the hand, but had a sense that it was highly unlikely that my opponent ever had a really strong hand. Holding the ace of hearts was certainly part of the reason I felt he rarely had a strong hand. And of course he obviously can never have the nuts here, but he definitely doesn't need the nuts to call me.

    As for the king high call, I am not really sure to be honest. I just thought it would be a fun hand to throw in there. From time to time I guess I was going to look like a genius, but it may have been a - EV call in a vacuum. Overall though,I think I can leverage the image that created for me into profit later, so I don't mind it.
  • Leatherass9


    fusionpk -

    The larger check raise was somewhat concerning because I do believe it definitely makes it way less likely that he is ever folding. It doesn't mean he is never folding, but it does decrease the chances imo. That being said, even if I know he is never folding ever, it still is a profitable all in against his range I believe. It is probably close, but given he might fold a few times here and there I certainly think it is profitable.
  • Leatherass9


    Thanks Guts!
  • Leatherass9


    Simon -

    I am not really sure what more I can say about it that I didn't already say about it in the video. I don't share your opinion that any of the plays I made in that hand are poor. I also think that limiting yourself to c/c c/c c/ decide options is not the way I would be handling this hand. There are a lot of boards I think that I can make moves on against this opponent that will set up very profitable opportunities.

    The BB had a very low squeeze attempt in this hand and I just don't see how I can't play ATo profitably to a simple min raise with a weakish opponent in the BB against a CO that opens 30%+ of his range. I think calling preflop is definitely making me money especially with the small overlay in the pot.
  • Leatherass9


    Ninjai -

    I think in poker you can generally play a style that simply aims to exploit your opponents until they start to adjust. I never really concern myself with whether or not what I am doing is exploitable until my opponents give me a reason to become worried. That is one challenge better players have at the table is bringing themselves to relentlessly exploit their opponents when they feel like what they are doing is so obvious. But the bottom line is that you should simply try and get away with it as much as possible until you feel your opponents figure out what you are doing because you would be surprised how many people will never adjust. Even at mid to high stakes from time to time. There are many opponents who I have tens of thousands of hands against who I have used the same plays over and over against and they have never even considered adjusting as far as I know. So it would be a big mistake form me to not exploit that player simply because I am worried he will figure me out.
  • Leatherass9


    I want to let everyone know that I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this community and I look forward to answering your questions. Thanks again to everyone who has had complimentary things to say. That means a lot. Thanks!
  • Dante63s


    Good stuff, welcome dusty!
  • Spanische


    ¡¡Welcome!! Its really nice to have a top class player here.

    Also congratulations for your book "Dont Listen To Phil Hellmuth", it is very interesting.

    Looking forward to see more videos from you here :)
  • Leatherass9


    Thanks Dante and Spanische
  • bobeucz