NL100 MSS Sessionreview with Peppery - Part 1

  • NL MSS
  • NL MSS
  • $100
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In this video russian coach Peppery reviews a session he played on NL100 MSS. The six tabling format will guarantee that there's a lot to talk about.


NL100 MSS Sessionreview with Peppery

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Stedyeddy


    Thanks thanks thanks for the video : D
  • FiGuReiTOuTx


    This is one of the best strategy videos ive seen.

    Thx for this
  • Antonioull


    NICE ))
  • kazediel


    just at the beggining, 77. Why not squeeze preflop? You win 25% of your stack every time they fold, and you have a decent equity if you get called. I'm sure that squueze there is EV+, the point is if that's the best option. How can we compare the EV of both lines? Why did you choose to call? And just a note more: on a 4-way pot, playing MSS, being OOP or IP does not really matter, the SPR is just so low that you're all-in in two bets.

    A8s Hand: I definitevily DON'T like minraising on NL100. Is fine for NL400 or maybe NL200, but in NL100 regulars still DO too much call preflop and fold a lot of flops, you earn more money there if the pot is bigger, and on MP your range is not that weak like to justifying minraising to lose less against a 3bet. Not to mention that you can't 4bet/fold with those stacksizes and your risk/reward ratio is really awfull if the 3bet you to 6bbs and you want to 4bet

    77 hand again, about the postflop line: Personally, I prefer to lead on the flop, I expect calls from an Ace 9T sometimes, and if they have a better hand we were gonna be all-in anyway. I understand that you're pushing most bluffs from their ranges that way, but most opponents won't bluff against 3 oponents on the flop and if the villain is a good regular, he could be able to fold an Ace agains your check/call check/raise because you have not bluffs there. Though, oponents on NL100 are not that good and that's why I think playing check/call check/raise is fine as well. Obviously against a fish, any line can't be wrong. I'm just talking "on the vaccum"

    99 hand: with 8,5 bbs of dead money (A 20% of our stack) preflop, I'd just shove preflop with all my range, since I'm obviously commited there, if we get him to fold a hand like AQ or 99 on that spot, the better. Yet again, is a mather of taste and I think both lines are fine, as long as you know you're ABSOLUTELY NOT FOLDING NO MATTER WHAT UTG DOES, YOU'RE POT COMMITED with 99 there!
  • kazediel


    KQ hand: I think it's better to 3bet here, because most opponents do not play against MSSers correctly, and end up calling three bets with hands like KT,KJ,QJ,QT,AT, Suited connectors... Sounds ridiculous, but many do call with worse hands than KQ; so you're putting yourself on a 3bet pot against a range you dominate, and it's an easy fold if he shoves since frequently is just a better hand 80% of the time and then it was not that good to play against a better hand OP (Unless you know the flop is gonna be KKx, then go ahead and call always)

    T7o hand: I'd absolutely steal there, BB is a fu***** NIT 14/14, so if you're folding a T high hand, you're losing money. I'd steal with nearly 85% of my hands there and not any2 because SB is a little loose, still, not loose enough like to justifying a fold

    17:50, ATo:+1 to folding preflop, but anyways. 3bet sizing is HORRIBLE there. You're putting between 1/4 and 1/3 of your stack to fold against a shove and that is really expensive. If you were on that table with 100 blinds, the sizing would be ok, but you're a MSS, not a BSS, and you should adjust your 3bet sizings accordingly. I seriously think, unless that sizing was made by mistake, that you have a large leak there. Keep in mind, that is more important the risk reward ratio, than the odds you're giving to your oponent since they do not have any implied odds against you because you're a MSS, I'd 3bet to 9bbs, is not neccessary to inves a single cent more.
  • kazediel


    19:50: AA hand, NOW I agree with that sizing since you're nearly BSS now, before no way that sizing could be good

    20:35 64o hand: I don't agree 3-betting with trash no matter what his range is, you can wait to a hand where you have a blocker or a hand that plays well postflop. Specially against a regular, since you're never going to want to SD and showing your hand against him. I don't think it's a serious mistake here since he fold soooooooo much, but I do think it's just a little better to fold. You'll have a lots of good spots later. About the sizing: 6 bbs with 40 bbs being the effective stack is enough, 6,5 is fine too (Altough 6 is better) but 7, again seems to be to high, specially if he folds a lot (He's gonna 4bet or fold anyways)

    23:55 QJo hand, now 3bet sizing is low, you have 90 bbs effective stack,now you're giving odds to your opponent and it's better to 3bet to 7,5 or even 8 bbs. If you had 50 bbs it would be fine, if you had 40 it would be better 6,5, but 7 would be fine as well

    25:20 Jts: Instapush preflop, call is ok, but squeeze is just sooooo better

    32:00 Against a fish, ok. Thought about 3betting to half stack?

    42:46 Again, I like to fold, but ok

    still, good to finally see something new. Thanks! :D
  • Infinito46


    I think that Kazediel is right about the video, maybe it won't be bad for microstakes players but you cant play like that in NL50+ because you won't win or I don't think so.

  • RaisyDaisyyy


    why did you fold 77 @36mins ? you got 88bb that's definitely a call for set value vs utg range.

    wow i just can't believe how bad SH regs are; i think i have to switch to SH ;D
  • 0890477319


    I wonder who you teach, and for what. Play for break even rakeback? You sucks man
  • danichacho


    I think the 99 hand in the min 5 is a good fold. With the dead money, he needs a 34,5% of equity against the villain hand, and he thinks he has QQ++(because of the light 4bet) what gives his hand a 19% of equity. Even if the villain would have TT+, AK, AQs, he'll have 32,9% of equity so I think is a good fold.
  • kazediel


    I give UTG 99+/AQ+ there always. Sometimes even 88 and AJs

    He can't fold
  • sahne


    very nice video. i hope theres coming more MSS 6max content.
  • nightbeat80


    lots of good hands also good handreading. I'm loving it!
  • afrika1988


    im just wondering why you chose those betsizes.
    hand 99 for example: if you fold on a 4bet, you shouldn't 3 bet in the first case.
    thats 12 $ for the Fish.
    id rather call it preflop with the Coldcaller in the hand.
    same for the A9 hand: you Resteal vs a loose BU Range 4x his betsize.
    villain will probably fold alot and only shove hands that dominate you, still you cant fold here anymore, because you commitet yourself vs his strong range.---> Resteal to 8$/Fold

  • p0rkus



    About squeezing with 77 - I agree, it's not a bad option, in fact, it's probably the better option. I decided to play tighter because the range of the UTG raise was unknown.

    Minraising is a whole science on its own, if you want to play like that on NL100 it's definately no mistake - but you have to know why. Against weak opponents it makes sense to raise big when we have the nuts, these opponents don't usually follow the table dynamics.

    About the fold with 99 - it's all about his 4bet range (not his shoving range). I thought that I didn't have enough equity and that's why I folded.

    T7o - Agreed, I should have tried to steal.

    17:50 AT - Agreed, my 3bet here is very big. I played BSS for a couple of months and havn't fully gotten rid of some old habits, it's certainly better to 3bet smaller. Although, such a big 3bet should add a couple of % to our fold equity :)

    32:00 - I almost never 3bet half my stack, I like to have some freedom postflop.

    Thank you for asking these types of questions :)

    And thanks to everyone who gave feedback and to those who critisised the size of my 3bets, it's good constructive critisicm. It would have been better to 3bet less in certain cases.
  • oArlekino


    Kazediel Bible! ^^

    Nice Video!