Logic Knot - Part 7 - HUDs and Statistics 1

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Boomer is back with Logic Knot. In the next two episodes he will focus on Stats and HUDs. In the first part he will explain the meaning and use of some basic and more advanced stats.


Logic Knot series stats Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Augepaul


    NIce Video again Boomer!
    and perfect timing since I just finished my new HUD a few days ago and struggling with teh pop ups :)
    so Im looking forward to the next installment!
  • Tillit


    thx for new input, i always wonder where you get your entertaining pictures
    on your limit capping might be less interesting. On lower limits like 1/2 there are really some regulars who cap only 3-4% top range. Of course you have to be pretty certain and seen their capped hands pretty often. Some cap really a lot so even if its not that important it's still worth to take a quick look if something is really strange about the value.
    I even would find a statistic interesting folded in capped pot heads up and as holdem manager lets you know the sample size how often this happened you dont get into too much trouble.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    great video again!

    In my HM version the aggression% is also called aggression frequency but it's the same stat there.
  • Guscode


    n1 Boomer!!! Your videos are always great! And please, PLEASE release an available HUD. I wanted asap!
  • Sascha26


    Boomer your Videos are very good but i would like to see you playing not only doing theory :)
  • Boomer2k10



    I do have some live videos coming up. I have been taking some time away from the tables recently due to a lot of the instability around. Live vid should be out soon. I am definitely a tad rusty atm but I think they came out ok. My live video output will increase over the next few months as I am going to go for Supernova in 6 months on Stars as a project you guys here can follow so hopefully that will scratch the "live play" itch a bit. Thanks for your comments :-)
  • wuerstchenwilli


    Cbet Flop is interesting to me because on the micros there are four kind of types (sometimes on the low- and midlimits too).

    Type a) 99/100 Fires even in Multiway Potts

    Type b) 94-98 Regular

    Type c) arround 80 - 90. Checks back Monsters. They do know what a cbet ist, but sometimes they dont do it for some reason. And this mostly is a monster. I know that some good players check back with other Holdings but you can easily differ between these types depending on other stats.

    Type d) below 70. Dont know what a cbet is. They checkback if they dont hit. -> Hero bets/(folds) Turn 100%. (Sometimes it is a monster.)

    low Cbet Turn means to me, that i don't do RFFC IP, because u often get it anyway.

    Agg.Freq. vs AF:

    Am I right, that if someone has a high AF but a low Agg.Fr. he is checking a lot, because checking is considered in Agg.Fr. but not in AF? So BI is not working often?

    When u say you shouldn't target stats, I first understood u shouldn't exploit the stats of your opponent but what u mean is, that Hero shouldn't try to aim for the perfect stats right?
  • Boomer2k10



    Yes that's correct re AF vs Agg%. The other thing is that someone can have a high AF and a low WTSD, due to folding a ton, which would result in a low Agg% as folding isn't considered in AF but is in Agg%.

    Yes I meant you shouldn't aim to have your stats look like a particular set. There are obviously some stat errors which are glaring like you have a VPIP of 35 but a PFR of 10 then you have a problem but "aiming" to be say, 28/21, and not understanding why or just playing flat ranges to get there is not good poker either.