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The first video of the NL Beginners Course with hasenbraten. In this video you will learn about the structure of the course, the material we will be covering, and an introduction to the functions of our site.


Beginner Beginners Course NL BSS School

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  • acceleration123


    Oh such an honour for me to be the part of the video ! :D

    Very good one imo, nice explanations :)
  • joeldowey123


    will passing the week 8 exam help you get into the next school?
  • fruktpuff


    I didn't get quite as much forum coverage as Acceleration123 who was having one of his handposting days, but I atleast had my name listed as latest poster in two subforums, yaay for me :D
  • MichaelGotAA


    The video is green for me. The start up Poker Strategy splash screen is fine, but then as soon as the vid starts its green, can't see anything, but can hear the sound fine. The strange thing is all the other PS vids that I've tried work fine, its only this one that is green. Have you used a different codec? any suggestions?
  • lxr369


    A great introduction to the course and site.
    The school looks awesome and I am glad to be a part of it!
  • PotapovSergey


    #2: Can't guarantee anything yet, but let's just say that is quite possible. Just one more reason to do good in this one :)

    #4: Try this:

    Tell me if it helps.
  • PotapovSergey


    I meant to say you should set the acceleration to "off".
  • MichaelGotAA


    Thanks #7 Potapov, turning off the hardware acceleration worked. I can watch the video now :)
  • M1rCea


    great vid! i found the long term approach really important
  • BadeaCelRau


    Can't watch the video Oo
  • sportsgeist


    in minute 13:12 hasenbraten say the coaching is on wednesday, but in the coachingplan it is on monday?
  • tofu22


    #11 this is video made for the first school when the coaching was on wednesday.
  • hasenbraten


    I guess that previously, there was the old video linked which is fixed by now!
  • AKM247


    Nice intro
  • BreadWarden


    Not a big deal, and excuse me if I'm wrong, but on the graph it is 100,000 hands played, not 1,000,000? So it's only a month played, not a year?
  • Pascal


    Hi BreadWarden,

    nicely spotted, you are absolutely right. Of course the message doesn't really change.
  • filis


    hei! don't touch STARCRAFT :)
  • Castle93


    and hes gunna buy him.... nothing.... ^^ ;)
  • poompah


    Its not 1 million hands for the evplusplus simulator -- its 100,000 hands.
    Its says so on the graph header -- and at the bottom (hands divided by 100).
  • poompah


    Opps -- someone beat me to it.
    But it is important -- the message is similar but in fact relates to maybe 1-2 months play instead of a year. THAT does matter!
  • rimoranong


    I think this will help me a lot improve my poker winnings and cost me nothing. I even got paid for it. 10 usd at poker770 though I manage to lose it all in a few hands.
  • simson500


    Thank you very much for that video. That is exactly what was missing on the site. There are so many articles and vids, but no clear guide that brings it all together.