Taking The Next Step - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55 - $215
  • Shorthanded
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In his new series faarcyde will focus on how to get to the next level once you have established yourself on the midstakes. Follow him for useful advice on how to get to the highstakes games by finding small edges.


FullTilt series Session Review Taking The Next Step

Comments (13)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • GutsForSale


    Great video, nice to see videos with players who you play every day=)

    by the way, Benjamen is not regfish =) I dont like his game, but he is pretty profitable reg=)
  • GutsForSale


    26:30 - mistake with wizard, because you put there different blinds)
    41:00 bad push from MP table 3

    "great" table selecting by mull84.. lol..
  • faarcyde


    @Gutsforsale: Thanks for the nice words

    As for 41:00, are you talking about the KQs hand? Looks standard to me. Default ranges in Wiz say it is +.23.
  • GutsForSale


    @faarcyde, my wiz says -.44 or smth , if i dont change ranges. Its 11bb's from mp with K high, looks too bad imho
  • Leito99


    Nice video

    A question just came to my mind

    How were the high stakes SNG's affected since Black Friday?
    There is obviously less traffic but are there less fish too?
  • faarcyde


    @Leito99: Games definitely load slower but I notice less grinders as well. I try to play during prime Euro hours. It wasn't as catastrophic as some thought it might have been, but of course it will be interesting to see what happens in the near future.
  • Tim64


    25:15 "I belive Benjamen is a regfish". Well, if so, he is one lucky regfish since he is up $25k in 4.3k games; 11% roi, averaging $6 per tournament...
  • Tim64


    35:50 what do you think about Mad Croatian getting it in with 99 pre vs a 3b oop, for 40bb. Plain bad, or ok with reads/dynamic?
  • Tim64


    Re#8 Srry FC - ignore this plse; I see GFS already clarified.
  • Smertvich


    41:22 First table. It seems raising AQ, will make him fold almost every hand he is donking with. He might not fold pocket pair like 1010 or something(of course 3, Ace either:)), but still this raise will make it harder to get value from him on later streets. He would fold much easier to our aggression. Isn't it better to call flop/ and raise any turn?
    This might make him think that our hand is weaker, and we might get some additional value. I really think we miss some value by raising flop.
    Thank you)
  • Smertvich


    I think this opponent(I guess fish), sometimes will donk with JQ type of hands, and Ace would be very rare there.
  • enjoy2playAK


    i am always asking myself, why do such great players like faarcyde wanna make their limits even more tougher by such coaching-videos... ?

    ... anyway good one! :D