6max Superturbo - Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $109
  • Shorthanded
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In his new series AAronLambert brings you some superturbo MTT action. Watch as he goes through the handhistory of an entire MTT and learn how to adapt to this short-stacked format.


6max Superturbo handhistory review superturbo

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • PowerBauer


    Nice video,

    it should be very useful to loot at this series because all the turbos get short stacked at some point, so there is a lot to pick up for this even if i don't play superturbo (yet).

    Technical note: the mixed card deck (pokerstrategy for s,h and standard for the other suits) is kind of irritating
  • anjik775


    What kind of super turbo are these when there are 6 players and some having 1200 chips in their stacks while the start stack size 300?
  • DonTabamsey


    very nice vid, i think the a9 stop and go move is a little overplayed, maybe just fold there.
  • Infiesta


    what a luckbox xD, btw cool video!
  • mamuska997


    # 3 it's 6 max mtt not 6 plr sng
  • TonyLex


    Nice video, thanks!
  • aatttt


    @ 6:
    when is this tournament running?
  • flushtrain


    for a long time i have been waiting for a coach who does this sup turbos.

    thx a lot.

    more of this
  • anelka2k2


    min 2:00 do i understand u right? JTo u dont like ur fold, but u would like or preffer min raising more. i like this thought but can u explain why you would call the all in of the big stack there?
  • geoelt


    nice vid... but i dont really get the c/r on the A87 board HU... what are u repping here? from the gameflow, in his shoes i wouldn expect you to check back an A pre vs. his complete... I do like c/r to balance, but i don't really like succh flops for doing it... do you prefer A high flops for moves like that?
  • geoelt


    allthough i have to say i sometimes do check back Ax in these situations pre just because some opponents are willing to push not having me on an ace :)
  • oskrgy


    Im sorry but i completely disagree your strategy.
    That stop and Go with A9 against the chipleader when you are the second one is horrible IMO.
    and opening A5 UTG with miniraise with the only idea of taking action action against the SSS hasnt got any sense! if they are SSS you should play ICM
  • oskrgy


    oh shit, i have to apologise, i thought it was a Sit and Go...! sorry!
  • LX4DR


    nice vid... how many players... and what did ya win?

    gratz lx
  • ByronJacobs


    Very nice video. Would really like to see more of these. I particularly like the donk/shove play at 48:00.

    16:10. I am really not sure about the open shove with A6o into four players, two of whom have you covered and one has around 75% of your stack. You are shoving 1562 to pick up 180 but the problem is that the typical calling ranges (prob something like 66+ and A8+) have you crushed. This is a 12% range so with three players behind with threatening stacks you get called about 1/3 of the time and have 29% equity against this range. So 2/3 of the time you have 1742 and 1/3 of the time you have 29% equity in a 3304 pot = 958. The calc is (2/3 * 1742) + (1/3 * 958) = 1480 which makes it clearly –EV.

    A hand like 98s plays better against these ranges (35.5%) and now the calc gives you 1552 which is more or less breakeven. However, if they call slightly tighter it becomes a +EV play (although it’s marginal).
  • AaronLambert


    Hey guys sorry for the late replies just getting back from Vegas.

    @2 ty I agree I dunno why it is mixed but I got use to it fairly quickly and think the layout still looks pretty sharp.

    @3,6,8 They may not run anymore but they would start at 1215AM Eastern Standard time. It had a guarantee on it and it would change every night from 6-max to full ring to KO.

    @4 The stop n go is like 2008 I know but still works! :)

    @5,7,9 Thanks!

    @10 I said I wouldn't call the SB bc he was too deep I would be probably forced to call the BB 3bet shove though because he is pretty short and JT plays well against his 3bet shoving range giving me good equity.

    @11 can you post the min mark for this hand?

    @13,14 heh ya MTT strategy and SNG strategy here is much different and being aggro here would be more important in a MTT b/c chip accumulation is so much more important.

    @15 332 entries and first was 7.9K nice score :)

    @16 you have good analysis here. I agree with you and this would be a spot I should be folding and I would definitely prefer having a hand like 89s. I think 66+ is in their range but their ace range would be a little tighter imo with like AT+ at the minimum. Some may be tighter than that as well but I'm still crushed if I am called here I agree.
  • pleno1


    @54.00 - you say we should c/r this flop with a7/a8/ak/aq or air, you 3b all these hands pre so your range is polarised to just... air imo. i also think with game flow this is a terrible spot as you;ve ran him over abit and he's just going to stick lots of hands in here

    @1.30 - you say you will uusally be dominated when you jam 10 bigs with kj, i disagree here, I think we are flipping alot of the time.

    A9o hand where you stop and go, I really think this is just an easy fold pre.

    @43.00 ish, i really dont like the min raise into moorman with 67s, he's going to be jamming super wide here and as we have alread identified he is a very good player so why donate chips to him?

    KJcc, too much discussion, just sigh fold :P

    45:00 i dont like your defend with j9o i'd just fold/jam pre i think, especially as he is aggro and not easy to push around post flop. although obv gin flop. I'm not sure if you're trying to rep strength by looking like a fish? I.E Making it huge on the flop, where if u had a huge hand against this oppo you would always click it back to induce as ur taking away fold equity. You talk about being balanced in the video but you can never be balanced here imo. Also doing this as a complete bluff would be so awful too imo.

    47.00 i dont like defending k7hh oop against moorman, you have 20 bigs, he always raises utg you can jam here quite comfortably, playing oop against him is so hard, as shown he raises ur flop bet, but luckily you flop gin. most times we won't flop flush draw/top pair though. with this exact hand and board and opponent i like b/3b tho.

    47.00 AQ bvb i think it quite close between jamming and 3b/calling

    A3 on axx3x you haveeeee to bet, like superstandard fistpump high five value bet against this guy.

    looking forward to your replys :)
  • AaronLambert


    I would just check back most of my aces here to be honest so I could be check raising with an ace here. Given the dynamics folding on the flop seems best and I have all the momentum. Headsup throwing in some random plays imo helps for balance though so I don't hate it.

    I say usually going to be dominated... Flipping is part of the calling range of our opponent and that includes hands like AQ and maybe AT. Worse kings though won't be calling so when we do get called we are HOPING for a flip at best.

    67s plays well against his raising range is one reason. Two I look stronger raising here with Moorman being short so I don't expect much resistance from the blinds.

    Despite hitting the flop relatively hard with an open ended straight draw I'm behind any Queen or Ten here given the situation so I would like to look strong to get a ten to fold. It is unlikely a Queen folds but I'd rather not get it in here considering ICM here and that moving up spots at this point is a huge payjump.

    Jamming is an option here with K7hh no debate there. Everyone has awkward stacks here and I think playing OOP blows as well so I agree preflop shipping is better than calling.

    definitely missed value with A3 I like a bet of 6 or 7k on the river. I could have a busted straight or flush draw myself so I missed value here.