NL Beginners Course with veriz - Lesson 1

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  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $5
  • Fullring
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This is the recorded video of the Beginners Course Coaching Lesson #1 by veriz. Have you missed the coaching? Just watch this podcast.


Beginners Course Coaching podcast Theory Video

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  • fryandspicy


    Estonia is near Latvia and Lithuania right? Probably couldn't pick it out on a map but i think most people have at least heard of the place :) Nice intro. LOTS OF QUESTIONS


    North Finland, East Russia, South Latvia, West Sweden, Estonia is in the middle. Hope You Understand:)
  • doctorkgb


    Your English is fluent in comparison to mine. I havent spoke English since last summer and I feel that my tongue would end tied in knot after 2h of speak:)
  • CaptLoeff


    Great job Veris. I'm going to enjoy going through the class and watching your coaching sessions.


    Great coaching. I look forward joining the lessons...
  • veriz


    *** UPDATE ***
    There is no limit for students anymore.
    There is no time limit anymore.

    Feel free to join with the Course. :)
  • Steinpilz0104


    I've not a clear image of the lesson; green and rose, I don't see anything, what is the problem? I can see other vids without any problems
  • ThaGoose24


    I can't watch the video, i have instaled to latest version of flash player (11.1) and tryed in both Firefox 7 and IE9, the video just won't start!!
    But i can watch all the other videos with no problems.
  • roopopper


    just sat through the first hour of this coaching, this has got to be the most boring coaching session in the world!!! im soory if this offends anyone but this is a terrible coaching session!!!
  • SPeedFANat1c


    roopopper, I watched it all, but I turned on two tables and played while watching :D but at the end there were more situations, and I didn't need tables. But its begginners coaching and first lesson so we should not expect to hear something too advanced anyway, so it should be grate video for those who just started to learn.
  • Harnas31


    Very good vid.

    three mistakes

    [1:21:53]{1:24:20] 1.impatient - pronunciation wrong, should be /im'peiszent/
    2. [1:22:20] There is no dumb rule, but
    a rule of thumb
    3.pronunciation worng : should be
    course / kors/, not like /kers/ - curse - completely diffrent word.
  • tahastobaig


    Awesome guy
  • veriz


    Thanks guys for the feedback. Gonna try to improve my English with time, ty again for the pointouts.
  • Castle93


    50 mins in you 3 bet 5x the raise with AK, standard size yu use with a raise and a call or? plus what do you think of the guy with KQ play, obviously should have folded pre, but should he have folded on the turn? or
  • veriz


    Castle93 - Yes, I usually use this vs 2xBB/3xBB raise to avoid them getting good odds for set mining.

    About his play it was of course really bad. :) He shouldn't Call in first place preflop and the donk either doesn't make sense on the flop. He is just making a lot weaker hands to fold and wont even get value from missed CBs or weaker hands.
  • Rauno615


    The worst coatching video ever... !!!
  • ZeroDegrees


    Hi and thanks for this veriz!
    Can't see why some don't like it at all? It's for beginners, advanced play is elsewhere.

    Have to tell you that you've really made me look like a complete question mark sometimes. Just tried to desperately find out on the net what dancing in poker is. Then I finally got it: it's downswing. I was the one who asked you about the $1 showdown stat some days ago, thought it was something for no limit:). Ah well, it's the 'beginners curse' anyway;)). Don't take this as critic of your pronunciation, I don't mind, I have had some great laughs (with you, not at you), which is always good.

    I tuned in on this sunday's coaching and it was so good that I decided to switch focus to nl for this course at least. I'm telling you this because I think "good things" in and from others should be voiced and appreciated! Looking forward to this course.
  • wcarharttw


    Nice video Thx !