What if...? - Part 3

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Leader returns with his series on hand analysis. He will introduce how to put your opponent on ranges, how to calculate your EV against different lines and how to make the best choice. The third episode will focus on more Pure Bluff spots with bigger pots and narrower ranges.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • RedHeater


    An interesting discussion - there is some similar analysis in the recent book by Byron Jacobs, 'Think Like a Poker Pro'.

    In the first hand, I am looking at the amount we win if he folds. We call his 3bet pre - so between us that is 6 small bets - plus there is a small bet for the big blind which makes 7 small bets. He bets the flop making 8 small bets before our play.

    The equation assumes 8.5 small bets (4.25 big bets) so I assume we are allowing half a small bet for the small blind? It strikes me that the exact result for how much he needs to fold is going to depend on the blind structure. Its going to be a little different at 3/6 on Stars where the small blind is a third of the big blind, than at 2/4 where it is half a big blind (and if you want to be really accurate rake also needs to be accounted for).