$24-$33 Live Session - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $22 - $33
  • Fullring
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In his new video lessthanthree brings you some live action. He plays 4 tables of $24-$36 9man Turbos against a mixture of regulars and weaker players.


FullTilt Live Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • base718


    Fürst :-)
  • Proky11


    Nice video and wallpapers :)

    Btw. do you like teh FTP sounds? I have them always turned off...
  • juli0ah


    ugly cards.. ;P
  • kiddy007


    bad play...((
  • Nickita86


    +1 ugly cards
    very very =(
  • qnb07


    agree with #3 the sounds are SO annoying.
  • YoungJayJay


    15:30 I don't think the shove is good there. With his stats I don't see him minraising more than 25%, so he has to call less than 6% to make the push +EV. Do you think he's opening looser than that or do you really give yourself that much Foldequity?

    PS: Please turn off the sounds next time.
  • Tim64


    25:00 KQ BU. Plse explain for those of us who struggle with these things (i.e. me) why we can shove KQ here but not raise/call. Intuitively I know that's right, but my mind plays tricks. Is it that when we shove we play against two ATC ranges but when we raise and get shoved on we are facing a value range of some kind (i.e. range manipulation due to our action)? Or is it simply that when we shove we fold out some hands - like 22-55, A3o etc - which might otherwise be included in the range we are up against when we raise/call?
    Or is it...something else???
  • maniac



    i liked your video very much!
    Because i think you make thinks quite clear and thats good to figure things out ingame.
    Could you please please make one in where you play up to 16 tabels and show us how you use your reads, that we´ve leard in your previous videos, that fast.

  • bujaek


    how can i get ure stats like u?
    can u share it ?

  • Aruniux


    these cards look cool where i can find it ?
  • lessthanthreee


    hi guys,

    sorry about the sounds. ill turn them off next time I do a live session.

    @youngjayjay, I find when people pick up a nice stack they start raising a wider range (as they should). I think his opening range is wide enough for me to reship AJo. near bottom of my range though.


    you really need them to reshove a very wide range to r/c KQo. considering how fishy the rest of the table is I would rather take the clear shove where I know the exact EV outcome. If I take a r/c line it can be very bad if hes only reshoving a value-range against me for this stack size. Its also nice when he folds out hands that have good equity against us, but we could get more value against some opponents who will reship near 50% against a small btn raise (depends on the dynamic you have). Most of my opponents aren't 3bet shoving that wide, but you will come across those players occasionally.

    @maniac, the max tables I play is 12, and I dont think watching me 12 table would be very educational. I would have 5 seconds or less to talk about each decision.

    @bujaek, I have a video on stats more information is in that.

    @aruniux, I don't remember where I got them unfortunately. sorry
  • NewKidPoker


    Thanks for the video. I have some questions.
    At 41 i dont think it was a very good play...we cant base that he think he has fold Equity i think because we have 500 chips ad the pot is 1k. And we have to stand up on that situation i dont think we can play these kind of play having so small stack.
    What do you think? Is that a good play, can we play like you in these kind of situations or its better to shove?
  • NewKidPoker


    I forgot 1 thing...in this situation it was easy call for him with straight and flush draw...but if he has just a straight draw or just a flush draw?...we can play with small bet on turn?...pr better shove?
  • lessthanthreee



    are you talking about the JTo where we flop top 2? on the turn we have a monster. we can just shove, but when we shove he knows he has no fold equity because we are already all-in. if we leave ourselves 550 chips behind he might think we could possibly fold. we get more value taking this line.

    I want him to call a wide range. if he calls the turn with his draws thats good for me because I gain chips in the long run when he calls teh turn incorrectly. When we have a strong hand we want to get maximum value and not be scared our opponent will hit his draw. as long as we charge him to draw.
  • d1sAA


    Greetings from our Russian community! Ppl wounder if you could upload your Holdem Manager config for them somewhere. Thanks!