NL Beginners Course with veriz - Lesson 2

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This is the recorded video of the Beginners Course Coaching Lesson #2 by veriz. Have you missed the coaching? Just watch this podcast.


Beginners Course Coaching brm english poker school podcast Theory Video

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  • eXtremeACE


    Thanks! I was unable to attend it, this is a life-saver :)
  • MichaelGotAA


    Thx Veriz an excellent video, but next vid could you NOT show the coaching questions part, only the tables you are playing.

    I find that alot of people attending these coaching sessions waste the coaches time & our time with irrelevent questions. Questions about rakeback & how to view last weeks video are only a couple of examples & the answers are easily found on the forum & if not that's where they should be asking.

    Remember people this is the perfect time to ask the coach why did he raise so much, or why did he fold TP ect.Use the coaches time wisely that's all I'm saying.
  • veriz


    #2 - The point of showing the question part is that you will at least see what kind of questions there are and what I am trying to answer. So in case I don't speak out loud the question you can still read it. :)
  • PonteDeiSospiri


    Very interesting coach, thank you! :)
  • TurnitAce


    what d you drink?
  • veriz


    #5 - Lemon water. :D
  • Bedoze


    I found it a pretty good coaching session even if I had to watch it through the video.

    We could try to focus more on technical questions as #2 said. So we could use the coaching time more wisely!

    Thanks Veriz! I enjoyed the way you explained how and why you played each spot.
  • Tuvoc


    I m late for coachings and podcasts saved me a whole lot time.I will try to enter live coachings next time.
    I love the intro problems of veris A++++ for his :D !
  • yxcrtl


    Thanks mate very helpful! Good job in explaining yourself :)
  • veriz


    Thanks for the feedback. :)


    like the tableselect explanation at 29:40
  • noz03


    Great stuff, been watching a lot of set reviews on youtube but nothing quite as good as this.